Gandhi Chowk, Dalhousie

by - 12/17/2016

It was almost dark when we settled in our hotel rooms. Dense fog had settled all over and nothing was visible from the balcony. We all were tired and our daughter had fallen asleep. My parents did not have any option but to baby sit her. Because we two were not staying inside! Our feet had been itching for some exploration!
It was so cold that I needed all the ladies sweatshirts and hoodies I had!
As we started walking, nothing was visible. The fog was getting denser with every step. The road was deserted and we could hear eerie sounds from the woods. We thought of picking up a club for self defence when we spotted a local boy coming from the opposite side. On approaching him he said that it was not safe to venture out after half past eight. Okay, point noted.

It was dark, scary, deserted and foggy..
We were on our way to Gandhi Chowk. There are two major centres in Dalhousie: Subhash Chowk...the one in which we were staying and Gandhi Chowk where we were headed to. The walk was sometimes uphill sometimes downhill. I had piled up on women's sweatshirts beneath my leather dress to brave the cold. In fact I became so fat that I could move freely!
Gandhi Chowk at last..
We easily knew that we were approaching Gandhi Chowk as we could see lights in the dense fog. We could spot lines of shops which were almost on the verge of closing. Most of them sold quaint, attractive things but were expensive. Then we went inside a shoe shop. Don't know why hubs got affectionate and made me buy a pair of beige boots. I was already caarying a pair of over the knee boots and a new pair during travelling was not required. But since it was a gift, I readily accepted! A girl can never have enough shoes!

We bought a variety of eatables. There was a restaurant which looked really happening. College crowd was having fun in there. The chirp and the laughter immediately took me back to my student days. Oh how glorious they were!

Our hike back was really scary. We lost track of time while browsing the shops and it was really late.All the shops were shut on our way back.There was no human on the road. I was really scared and tired First it was the long journey from Delhi and then so much hiking on the hills. The barking of wild dogs and some strange wild noises were becoming louder. I snugged to my partner in horror. I was chanting God's name repeatedly. Thankfully we reached our hotel safely. Even the hotel staff said that it was not sane venturing out at this hour. My parents heaved a sigh of relief. My overanxious Dad was really agitated. Our daughter was sleeping peacefully. Little she knew what adventure her parents were back from.
View of the city through the eerie woods..

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  1. Never been to Dalhousie, but its on my list..n i love the icecream pom pom top.