I love the COUNTRYSIDE!!

by - 4/06/2014

Most of the times we go on hunting for destinations that are either media hyped or a lot heard about from others. Since the advent of social media where one can flaunt their vacation photographs, travelling has become a thing to show off rather than fulfilling a passion. In midst of this, we spend a bomb to keep up with our peers.What we dont realize is not always ticking off the list may bring us the much desired happiness. We need to take the path less taken or not taken at all to find that bliss.

I am always game for exploring new places. You must have known by now that my inlaws stay in Varanasi which is a tourist place in itself. However, there are a few interesting places around which people dont know of. Last time when I visited, I made sure I explore at least a couple of them. Ramnagar and Chunar being the first ones to get ticked from my list.

I had heard a lot about Chunar from my husband. Apart from being a historical place, the Ganges is at its best and its banks provide the perfect picnic spots. The chunar fort is said to have connection with Lord Vishnu. The fort when viewed from the sky looks like a foot. It is believed that when Lord vishnu was in vaman avatar, his foot was on the fort and hence the fort bore its shape ever since.

We took the car and went for a long drive in the countryside among the beautiful fields and villages to reach Chunar. The breeze cooled by the Ganges was simply mesmerising. It was an enriching experience to explore the lesser known parts of the country. Sadly, I had forgotten my camera for the trip and hence all the pictures are with my phone. God bless the blazing sun, otherwise a phone could never capture such pictures without broad daylight!!

never knew that a brick furnace can provide such an amazing photo op!!

just love the wilderness!!

the ancient alleys of the Chunar Fort

hubby peeking like a monkey :D

the calm waters of the ganges...

a small kid took this much needed joint pic :)

wish I could fly away with the breeze!!

some interesting structures we found in the vicinity of the fort...

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  1. Beautiful skirt look stunning on you awesome images.

  2. This place is AMAZING! i love your skirt!

  3. Amazing pictures!! I love the skirt!

  4. This is such a beautiful place...n i love ur skirt.
    i so agree wid u re competition among peers to show off where they travelled..it has become crazy n very childish. BTW hows the baby doing..?did u name her yet?


  5. Really beautiful landscapes :)


  6. Ooo la la - your red skirt is fabulous! You look beautiful and sunny :)

  7. oh your skirt is absolutely gorgeous!♥ lovely photos!:)


  8. Great post! Love your skirt!!

    Olivia Abdelmalek


  9. Been always wanted to check your blog sis....
    Now that i seen it...
    Jolly that was good...