by - 4/01/2014

As its officially spring now, its the best time of the year...or atleast I believe so!! The temperature is just perfect for frolicking around without either getting burnt or frozen!! Though I do miss the winter blooms, April is the time for bright yellow laburnums and red gulmohars!!

I always have a thing with lakes. Movies shot in lakeside houses or involving lakeside holidays have always fascinated me. Not to forget some violent ones like the Placid lake series..I have watched them too!! Lakes provide a serene ambiance and the flora surrounding it make it so postcard like!! The only scary part is that such places are a haven for mosquitoes and worse wild animals. eww!!

Even while I am blindly in love with Delhi, I cannot overlook its shortcomings!! Delhi is a landlocked area with no coastline within 1500 kms :( The river yamuna which drains it can hardly be called any river. Apart from the kilos of dump it is being fed everyday, it is almost dry as such. However, there is a respite as there is a beautiful lake in one of the most favourite hangouts of Delhi... The hauz Khas Village.
The hauz Khas village is one of the most upscale and posh areas of delhi. Apart from high end designer boutiques, art galleries and swanky restaurants, its the hub of historical ruins and of course a huge lake!!
The village area has a large deer park with loads of animals in it. The flora is beautiful too; not to mention the swankiest of luxury cars can be spotted in the parking lot here!! But the thing that has impressed me and hubby the most is the green lake surrounded by the ruins and greenery.
This lakeside, our very own, is one of the best places to hangout and relax. One can see many people doing Yoga in the lawns around, lovers canoodling, photoshoots taking place and history buffs in the nooks of the ruins. After covering almost every possible site of Delhi, I can undoubtedly say this is the most beautiful place of my favourite city!!

aah..thats called fresh air...

the steps of history...

history enthusiast hubby in the nooks of ruins...

It got dark while frolicking around there...

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  1. Such a fresh and cute outfit! :-) xx

  2. Nice place! Love the T-shirt!

  3. Such beautiful place, stunning view! and you definitely travel in style



  4. Cool images you look fabulous doll.

  5. Amazing blog,love this post ! Feel free to visit my blog xoxo

  6. Lovely post, nice outfit, great location ! xoxo

  7. Beautiful photos and you look so stylish! Super fierce tank and sandals (love how they match)! Great look.

  8. love the striped top!:) beautiful photos as always♥

  9. That place is really amazing. Glad you have found it. You look adorable. Love that cool skirt and the cute striped top.

    xx Mira

  10. very cool look,love that stripes top
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  11. That neon orange looks great with your skin tone :)

  12. Another beauty uncovered, Mandira..whenevr i come to Delhi..u r going to be my tour guide. Promise me that.

  13. Loved the pics Mandira. I never knew your's is a fashion blog too. Cheers !