by - 4/29/2014

Donot judge a post by its title!! This is especially because you may start thinking that Bangla Street has something to do with me being a Bengali and West Bengal!! He he... no its not!! This place is the most happening ( read vibrating night life) in Phuket. In fact it ranks next to Amsterdam in night life!!

Bangla Street is in Patong, the place where we stayed in Phuket. Our hotel was walking distance from this notorious street as well from the beach. The day we landed in Phuket, it was almost night. We were dead tired but after freshning up we decided to drag our bodies to the scintillating street.
It was about midnight when we changed currencies and headed towards THE AREA.

There was no need to ask for directions as we followed the flashing lights and loud music. Our trail finally led us to the beginning of the street and it was a huge shock for us!! Scantily clad women or almost next to birthday suits ( who were not women actually but lady boys) were dancing openly on table tops. Those who were not dancing were roaming provocatively for prospective clients. The more sordid activities were not open on the streets but were happening inside the bars. Those like ping pong shows, etc were not allowed to be photographed.

Among the skin and sin we found fun in the glittering lights and foot tapping music. There were delicious street food too. It was 4 in the morning when we left for our hotel but the place was vibrating as if it was 7 in the evening. It was a major eye opening experience for us!!

the glittering Tiger discotheque

hubby surrounded by hot women!!

lady boys dancing on top of these bar tables...

when the sun sets, sin starts!!

seafood for dinner...yum streetfood!!


a cute pink volkwagon bar...

trying my hand in pole dancing,,,

hubby taking a joyride in tuk tuk!!

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  1. OMG you look awesime babe!!
    Love the new template ;)
    The Indian Savage Diary

  2. This place looks like so much fun doll.

  3. Beautiful places with beautiful people, it is fun... don't know when again i will be able to plan such lovely trips...

  4. this dress of yours is to-die-for! I love the color and the cut and you look so fierce! Awesome pictures too, looks so fun!

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    I like your writeup and photo for travel post!
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    I'm new visitor to your site.
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  6. That must have been a fun night xD You look really cute :)

  7. Omg I would love to go there. Glad you had so much fun!! Btw you look awesome. That dress is marvelous!

    xx Mira

  8. Awesome babe
    You look stunning and amazing photos.
    The Indian Savage diary

  9. You look ravishing and so does the place :)