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by - 4/23/2014

While I am writing down this post I have realised that I probably have a thing for temple tours. Not that I am very religious, I am God fearing but rituals...no no!! Maybe I love temple tours as temples are great architectural examples and hence provide interesting photo ops!! Again me the eternal photo crazy person!!
The interesting thing about this post is that earlier I have written about international temple tours here and here. I used to feel that terms like temple tour, mall tour et al are used for commercialization. But why not use this term when such trips are organised by ourselves? Theres no harm in that!! So when I decided to visit the Chattarpur Temple complex, I gave this trip a fancy name :D

Chattarpur is in southern most part of Delhi. This temple complex is really huge..infact so vast that it is impossible to cover on foot in a day if you are a details observer like me. However we had a couple of hours in the evening and we covered in a jiffy without concentrating on the architectural details!! The icing on the cake was that it was a perfectly sunny afternoon when we left only to be caught between heavy showers and a thunderstorm!! As you must know, clouds are the worst enemy of any photographer!!

The main Chattarpur temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga. The adnexal temples belong to various other Gods. There is a large complex dedicated to the Jain community.

The moment we entered the Laxmi Narayan temple, I saw the sun playing hide and seek with the clouds. I sensed imminent photographic danger and asked hubby to click as fast as possible. But the unpredictable nature fooled us and a violent windstorm brought us down with gallons of water!!
We scurried to a shelter (also a part of that temple) and so many other pilgrims were waiting there for the rain to stop. I would not say they were like us as we were tourists; not pilgrim in real sense :D

After the sky cleared up, there was water logging everywhere. The sun did not come up and it can be seen from the less satisfactory quality of pictures!!
However I had a wonderful time as I got the eluding oppurtunity to jump in puddles!! The funniest part being my long skirt got wet!! Its a temple tour after all!! I had to cover up :D

I have a thing with doors :D

the sun shining bright...

the Laxmi Narayan temple complex...

who knew the next moment would be a storm??

the clouded sky and the storm casting spell on my hair!!

the place where we sought refuge from the rain...

elephants and temples go hand in hand...

the main Temple complex of Chattarpur. there were puddles everywhere!!

I always love marble temples!!

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  1. Impressive pictures you look stunning.

  2. Another impressive place and pictures! Love your midi skirt :)


  3. This is a beautiful location and I love your skirt and top!

  4. Bonito look, las fotos son preciosas. Besos

  5. I liked the photo underneath the elephants and your top!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  6. amazing pictures! I love your look!

  7. OMG this place is sooo gorgeous n i love ur dress. its just WOW.

    New Post Up

  8. Omg!!! This place looks marvelous. The tempels are breathtaking. I wish we had them over here too. Btw you look fabulous as always. Happy Friday!!

    xx Mira


  9. Is that a velvet skirt ? I must say very classy!!!