Girls just wanna have fun!

by - 4/08/2017

Girls just wana have fun..don't they? Girls don't need boys to have a blast. They neither dress for them. Do boys understand fashion? No they don't! That is the reason the fairer sex dolls up to get complemented or to make other fellas go green with envy. Also we paint love to paint the town red without any interference from the macho gender!
My life had been chugging slowly for a month. My last crazy adventure was the road trip through Haryana with my friends exactly a month back. Since then, there had hardly been any action in my life except for my daughter's birthday. Believe me, it was more of a chore than an excitement. Organizing a party is one of the most stressful things that I deal with. Thankfully everything concluded successfully. So what I needed was a fun day with my girls.
We chose the weekend. Of course. I donned my new Printoctopus tee shirt and the other girls too and we went berserk around the city! Starting from the famous painted walls of Lodhi Colony we marched to the posh Khan market; sqeezing Lodi the Garden Restaurant in between. It was a morning full of laughter.

Delhi summers are cruel. You can't even imagine it if you are not a Delhiite! But fashion runs in our blood. So here is a dilemma: How can you look cool without compromising on the comfort factor? Here comes the role of relaxed tees.

Recently I have come across and have fallen in love ever since. They have the comfiest tee shirts in the wittiest of designs. Crazy slogans, TV show inspired tees (read Game of Thrones), occasion tees (wedding, birthday,etc), Hindi tees...the list is endless! The latest to join the bandwagon is IPL inspired tees! The prices are pretty moderate considering the quality of the stuff is really good. The cotton is super soft and snug on skin and the colours are nice. The best part? These tees are customisable!
Not only tees but they have a host of cool products like T-shirtsPhone coversPostersCanvas Prints & MousepadsSee the whole range here

Shorts: Lee Cooper
Sunnies: Fastrack
Black Booties: Zara
White Boots: Forever 21

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  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh yesssss!

    Federica Di Nardo

  3. Loved the super hot pics and the badass attitude !

  4. I saw the first pic, thought this post is about biking ... :(