Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy

by - 4/18/2017

Vernazza is the second village of Cinque Terre. After a two and half hour long hike from Monterosso, we sashayed down to Vernazza. I was almost dusk so we immediately made to the beach. It was far to be called an actual beach; and the waves were the wildest of our lives so far.

I could stare at the crashing waves forever. I mean there is such a vibrance about the sea that no mountain can challenge. Or is it just me who is too much fond of water? The beach had small rocks and it was indeed difficult to walk on them. Or maybe our legs were too sore from the hike and the previous days of walking in Rome and Amsterdam. Whatever it was, I knew our lower limbs had a tough time ahead as our trip was in the beginning phase.
We stayed at the 'beach' till it was almost dark. What I realised from our Italiano viaggio is that I can never get bored of the quaint alleys and doors. No matter how much I see, I feel the same rush of child like excitement. The alleys of Vernazza evoked the puerile excitement in me.

We admitted that we were famished. All the pizza and juice which we had in Monterosso had been burnt during our hike. We needed to fuel ourselves immediately.
Choosing a place to eat in Italy is tough. I mean all the restaurants and cafes are so beautifully decked. You simply cannot zero down. I wanted to have sea food by the sea side. After all its Cinque Terre: one of the best sea side towns to offer frutti di mare! (fruits of the sea)
I chose to dine in Taverna Del Capitano. I ordered  gnocchi with shrimps and zucchini. Every meal in Italy had been special. But somehow this dish tops the list. I never knew zucchini can be this delicious. I never thought gnocchi could be this cheesy. And shrimps? Oh I already loved them. There was no feasible vegetarian option. So my partner nibbled the Italian bread only topped with olive oil, parmesan cheese and chilli flakes.

I was having the most sumptuous meal of my life when a thought struck us what about the last train to La Spezia? We called the waiter who had been serving us. With the little Italian I knew, I tried to ask what we wanted to know. He said 10 pm was the last time. We froze. It was half past nine and we were enjoying our meal. The station was around 15 minutes. Not to forget that vending tickets also took time.

Hubs asked me to finish my meal while he went to the station to buy tickets. But after ten minutes he emerged relaxed. He got the schedule (orario) from some one and it said that the Cinque Terre Express operated throughout the night. Only the gaps between two trains increased as the night progressed.

We had gelato on the way. One can never have enough gelato when in Italy. Finally we boarded the 11 30 train. When we landed in La Spezia, it felt that it was late evening. It was a Saturday and hoardes of people were coming back from different towns of Cinque Terre. It was party ambiance! All the scares of mugging went away. However as soon as we took left turn from the main road towards our apartment, everything felt silent and eerie. It was an upward climb and we walked as fast as our legs could take. Finally we reached the gate and we quickly bolted it after we got inside. A safe ending to a super adventurous day.


 Dress: from Limeroad
Purse: from Dubai
Hat, accessories: Forever 21
Sunnies: Forever 21

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  1. Great vacation the food looks amazing you both look very happy.

  2. Gorgeous travel photos as always babe!! Hope you had an amazing trip <3

    XO, Jessi

  3. You look so cool with that pink hat and bag bella signora :) Cheers!

  4. Looking lovely and smile is adding a special charm :-)

  5. Indeed a lovely write-up and you look so pretty.Hope to catch up with you soon !

  6. This place looks incredible :)Love your photos
    Nati xx

  7. Your trip looks AMAZING! I wish that I could visit one day! I really love your outfit, the colors are so fun and bold.

    xo, Chloe //