The girl with curly tresses...

by - 6/02/2014

This is my first beauty post. So I donot have much idea how to write it!!

Its been about 10 years that I have long hair. Long enough I would say...not sardarni long, but long enough to experiment with different styles. But leave styling, even combing is a challenge for me. 

Yes, I am a girl with long curly hair. Cu cu curly...even running my fingers through my hair is a gruelling task for me!! 
my long curly tresses...

Curly hair runs in my family. My mom has luscious waves while Dad's wavy too. I have always loved my hair. But maintenance has always been a big problem. Curly hair is usually dry and frizzy as the oil from the root cannot travel to the tip as efficiently as in straight hair. And the result.... Split Ends or TRICHOPTLOSIS as its medically called. I was so perturbed with split ends that I had to trim my hair every 15 days!!

With rebonding so much in vogue now, I had option of getting rid of my curly hair.In fact, all my acquaintances with curly hair underwent rebonding to lead a fuss free life. So many of them persuaded me too but I was not ready. I did not want to look like a clone of every other Delhi girl with razor straight hair. I loved my curls but I was irritated with the split ends and fortnight trimming.

Apart from my curly hair what added to the split ends were:
1. Wind: 

Being an avid traveller and a professional, I have to brave outdoors everyday exposing my hair to harsh winds.
hair exposed to harsh winds during travelling.
2. Sun and sea water:

I am not only an avid traveller but a complete beach babe. Saying that, My hair is regularly tortured during sun bathing and numerous water sports activities. The salty sea water and chlorine water of swimming pools aggravated my split ends.
the harsh tropical sun and speed boat aggravated my split ends.
Daily swimming too dried my hair and hence split ends...

One day I saw Diana Penty advertising for TRESemmé split remedy. It said TRESemmé believes that your hair should have beautiful ends, and that endings should never be cut short. Well ads say so many things and being influenced by them is human nature. I had tried tonnes of products before but no luck with my split ends!!
 However, after few weeks, I got a mail from Indiblogger that sign up for a free sample of TRESemmé split remedy. First of all who does not like free samples!! Secondly, I was so peeved with my split ends that I could try anything to get rid of them!!

After a few weeks, came the parcel.

TRESemmé’s split Remedy Shampoo Conditioner pack. Loved the packaging... Thank you Indiblogger

It is an innovative range designed specifically to help rescue split ends upto 96% after just 3 washes!! 

Well I dont or cannot wash my hair daily owing to the tangling up and dryness. So to start with, I started washing my hair with TRESemme split remedy twice a week. The conditioner was good too. After two weeks, it was time for my hair to undergo a trim, but I found a visible reduction in the number of split ends and decided to postpone my trip to the salon by a week. I continued washing my hair twice a week and gradually my split ends became less and less. Intrigued, I decide to find out what was the magic.

The TRESemme split remedy shampoo has amino vitamin blend which strengthens hair upto the tip. Hair is mainly keratin which is a type of protein. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and hence the strengthening property of this shampoo. When used with the Split remedy conditioner, the unique formula fights split ends and protects from further damage.  

My hair after the TRESemme split remedy treatment...

after week 1... my hair recently trimmed....

After week 2... I decided to postpone trimming owing to the reduction in the number of split ends...

My most recent photograph taken at a mall... I have not undergone a trim since a month and my hair is healthy and split end free :)

So finally I have something that has encouraged me to continue with my long curly hair. Frequent trips to the salon for trimming are finally over!! My hair is 90% split end free!! For the rest 10%, I can live with that!!

Have not been for Indiblogger, I donot know when  I would have tried this hair saving remedy. TRESemme split rock!! I recommend this shampoo plus conditioner to every girl who wants to get rid of split ends!!

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  1. OMG Amazing pics and you look awesome
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  2. Great images the mint dress looks sexy on you the purple very elegant the yellow so chic you rock all of it.

  3. It actually looks a lot healthier :)

  4. beautiful hair

  5. all looks are beautiful

  6. Awesome..m happy for u n ur hair.


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  8. your hair is absolutely gorgeous!♥ I don't use Tresemmé products, but they look interesting!:)