the Road trip begins...

by - 6/24/2014

I have written many posts about June being my favourite month of the year. And I have cited reasons for the same too...yes!! its my birth month!! Since the birth of my daughter I could not take a vacation for three months. Therefore my birthday was the perfect excuse for a getaway!!

I am such a freak about birthdays that I love to plan months in advance. This year I was already vacation thirsty. So I had finalised the destination long back and had been waiting eagerly. 

Thankfully my daughter has turned three months so I could keep  her with my mom to look after. 
I have been fond of road trips since childhood. My parents used to take me on road trips once every two months. But since I got married, we had been going to distant places and hence no road trips had been taken. So this was our first road trip in our three year marriage!!

I needed a place that was not too far away but far enough for two days. We did not have the courage to keep our daughter away for more than two days and neither my mom would have agreed for the same. Therefore Rajasthan, the royal state sounded perfect. I have been longing to visit the fort palace in Alwar and we so we booked a room there. Our destination was 150 kms far and it required to cross three states...UP, Delhi and Haryana!! We left in the morning of my birthday and reached there after 4 hours. On the way, we stopped for roadside snacks. The fun started when we entered the state of Rajasthan.

The National Highway no 8 connects the capital with the desert state as well as the land of Rajputs..Rajasthan. The road was blazing hot with the sun shining mercilessly above us. As soon as we saw the Aravallis, the old fold mountain range, my excitement went up by a notch. The road flanked by barren lands on both sides reminded me of driving through Nevada. Its my fantasy to drive from California to Nevada..zipping through the desert. 

After an exciting journey, we reached the fort palace. I was simply mesmerised right at the entry itself!! Well, that is going to be my next post!!

the road trip begins at home...

the national highway no.8 zipping through the desert...

taking a break for pictures....

the desert has just started....

all set to embrace the Aravalli hills....

finally reached our the foot of the Aravallis...

the grand gate of the fort palace...

all set to celebrate my birthday....

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  1. Happy birthday sweetheart (I don't know the exact date but it's June). Wish you all the best and hope your dreams come true. You look fabulous as always. Love your dress and hat. Glad you guys could enjoy a little getaway together. The location looks stunning :D

    xx Mira

  2. No wonder you love June so much going on.

  3. Hey... Happy Birthday.... I crave for these small driving destinations after baby.... U hav fun !

  4. This green dress is perfection! Love that you paired it with such a fierce hat. So beautiful and stylish.

  5. Enjoy your birthday dear! There's something about Rajasthan :)

  6. I totally get your madness about birthday! I used to be like that too :D
    Nice pictures!

  7. Such a lovely outfit you're wearing - the colours are so pretty!

    Layla xx

  8. awesome...ur first trip post pregnancy. hope u enjoyed.


  9. looking so amazing i really love this dress
    I posted a new OUTFIT, I'd love to know your opinion
    would you like to pass from my blog?

  10. Amazing pictures! Beautiful dress, I love the color!