Doraemon in town

by - 6/07/2014

Doraemon...yes that cute little blue cat. I did not know anything more about this cat until few days back. But a little Twitter contest compelled me to master on this popular cartoon!!

Apparently my husband knew every little detail about this cartoon. Ask him about Charles Dickens or Hemingway, you would see a blank face. But he knows his comics and cartoons!! So when I wanted to take part in the twitter contest, I made him answer all the questions and voila we won!!
We got passes to meet and greet Doraemon but little we knew that we were invited as parents!! When we turned up, we had to register in our two month old daughter's name who was not even present with us!! The organisers kept asking for her :D There were so many kids dancing, singing and doing Zumba that we forgot everything!!

In the meantime, I learnt that Doraemon is not an ordinary cat...but a robotic one!! And I also learnt about Nogita et al!! Not only I had fun but I enhanced my knowledge about a cartoon too :D
mandy in wonderland!!

in front of Doremon's house...

paradise for kids...

every kid's fantasy...

the wishbox..

i want them all!!

i want them all!!

the bus to wonderland!!

with the chief guest..Doraemon!!

In front of Doraemon's house...

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  1. You right it is every child fantasy awesome place to explore.
    http:// tifi11.blogspot

  2. Doraemon remidns me so much of my childhood :)

  3. Love your trousers! Great style!


  4. Omg congrats on winning. Looks like so much fun. I have to admit that I never heard of this cat before but it's super cute. This is really every kid's fantasy :D

    xx Mira

  5. Nice post dear!


  6. I have no idea who this card is... :)
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  7. I love doraemon and his gadgets...:-D

  8. I also wanted to take kids there so they can enjoy xx