The Dhow Cruise

by - 6/19/2014

Since I started with the Dubai creek in my last post, I decided to go along with the flow of its water!! In my last post I had shared my experience of sailing on an Abra, the Arabic wooden boat. Here, I sail on a Dhow, which is also an Arabic wooden boat but completely different.

The Dhow is a huge handmade wooden vessel. The boatmakers take completely one year to finish carving one. Earlier these vessels used to carry cargo in the Middle Eastern countries. Today with the advent of superfast cargo vessels, these kind of things have become obsolete. But instead of discarding them, they have been preserved to showcase heritage.

The Dhow cruise starts from Deira Dubai, sails along the creek showing both sides of the city ( the downtown and old part) simultaneously and then reaches the point where the creek meets the sea. From there it takes a U turn and follows the same old route but this time it sails along the shore of downtown Dubai..The cruise lasts for about two hours. And the best part? We are served gourmet food and drinks. There is a host of other activities too like singing, belly dancing, magic show etc. Those two hours were so eventful that we did not even realise how time flew!! 

this was our Dhow where we were supposed to dine and sail...

with my parents...all set for the ride...

with my mom's handycam...filming the glittering downtown Dubai for her..she never leaves home without her handycam!!

the glittering downtown Dubai from the other side of the creek...

all the Dhows anchored to the creek....just waiting to sail...

in front of the Dhow....all tanned from the sunbathing in the gulf sea!!

Dinner is just about to start!!

the beautifully lit up Dhow....

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  1. I have never go on a cruise, It should be beautiful!!

  2. Dubai is a beautiful place how nice to cruise around.

  3. You have an amazing blog!
    Keep in touch doll! <3

  4. I took the dhow cruise when i was in dubai too.
    it was so much fun.


  5. ooh I'm so jealous!:) the cruise must have been amazing!♥

  6. Yupp this one was amazing and become more enjoyable with the Egyptian dance on the moving Cruise...

  7. that is look like you guys had great fun..desert safari dubai..