Playing on the beach...

by - 6/10/2014

You all must have come to know by now that I am a complete beach babe. I love the sand, sea and sun to that extent that I am usually burnt down to a lobster by the end of the day!! I never care what my acquaintances are going to say about me when I would reach home. When I was in college, my usual group of friends were so obsessed with their complexion that they used to stay indoors a ll the time...literally!! Such a bummer!! But that was a grave concern for me as I used to feel outcast in that untanned group after my sun burnt vacation :)
As time has gone by and I have matured, I began caring less about what others would comment. I am a more secure person now therefore. Anyways, teens are always troublesome!!

When we were honeymooning in Mauritius, one of my best experiences were the innumerable beach activities that we indulged in. Our resort had a huge chunk of the Palmar beach and offered all the canoes, boats etc whenever we wanted!!

Ours was a pretty packed seven day vacation which left just one day to frolic freely around the beach. Now when I look back, I feel those activities were the most fun filled ones!!

The picture in which we are canoeing looks so pretty with the pink and blue oars on the same side!! Silly me, little idea I had that the canoe cannot propel further without oars on alternate side!!

The laser boat had caught my fancy right from the beginning. But being a novice, I approached the local African on the beach. He knew little English and kept on saying that this boat is very easily capsized!! Okay, I got that, so tell me how to sail it. Then he kept on repeating monotonously...tuition is chargeable. Oh fine, give me the instructions and I would pay you, same came the monotonous reply...instructions are chargeable. I was unable to convince him that I was ready to pay for his coaching!! Defeated and scared by the possiblity of getting capsized, I took few pictures on the boat and proceeded towards the next activity :)  

I love canoeing!!

pedal boating...

the coral reefs through the glass bottom boat...

the laser of my favourite activities...

the market of Belle Mare...

swinging to and fro...

the all lit up pool...

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  1. How I wish I was there right now :p

  2. Wonderful pictures :) you look superb :)

  3. I's a paradise....
    So amazing place and photos, I really love Mauritius.
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage Diary

  4. I'might so jealous seeing this images wish I was there you rock in it.

  5. wow..looks like u had so much fun. beaches r my fav too.


  6. I just love hanging on the beach!:)♥ beautiful photos!

  7. Loved your pictures dear!!

    Participate in my International

  8. I love canoaing too!! Beautiful pictures!