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Its been almost four months that I have come back from the Pacific Ocean. Oohhh I so miss the sea..its waves and its sand :(  This post is dedicated to all sea lovers...all those who love wading turquoise waters in a speed boat and donot mind getting tanned (read burnt :D) in the sun!!!

Mauritius is one of the cutest islands on this earth. Its picturesque   beaches coupled with luxury resorts..not to forget lots of adventure options ; make it an ideal honeymoon destination. Not to mention it was my dream holiday too before it came true!!! :)

There are lots of tiny islands in the Indian Ocean around Mauritius (African subcontinent) . Ile Aux Cerfs is one of them. As you can guess, its a French name, as Mauritius was a French colony before it became free. From palmar beach,Belle mare where we were staying, Ile Aux Cerfs is a full day excursion.

The best part about the holiday packages of Mauritius is that everything is included (almost :D) . I mean along with regular accomodation, breakfast and dinner, they also give you three full day excursions!! What more do you want!! 

After having a hearty breakfast , (meals were simply too good in hotel Ambre ) our bus came to pick us up. Our bus carried us to the point where the land ended and the sea started...then a speedboat took us to the tiny but beautiful island.

right after we got down from the bus, we assembled at the beach to get into the boat.

even before we got into the boat, I jumped into the ocean to get a dip!!

enjoying the boat already sun burnt!!

our boat took us for a round trip around the island. This is a waterfall on the way...
on the way back from waterfall...

lokks like the backwaters of Kerala...

thats me high up in the sky..paragliding...

we finally reach the island. the turquoise water was just too beautiful!!

we took a package that included all the water sports. This is fly fish...

flyfish is available only in Mauritius and USA. Its named so as when it is jetting through water at full speed, only the hind part of this "boat" is an touch with water and we literally fly!!!

trying to enjoy the beach in between the sports activities!!

this is the double seater!! I had one hell of experience while gliding through the ocean!! I screamed continuously till we came to a stop!!

over with all the water sports activities, I finally get my 'me' time with the ocean. As anticipated, we were way late for our boat because of my over indulgence with the sea!! Therefore hubby is trying to pull me out from the water!!

all efforts in vain, I refuse to budge!!

my date with two star fish!!

up close and personal...this is a live fish!!

hubby relaxing on the boat on the way back to the port..
 The perfect conclusion to an adventure filled day, sunburnt and tired we returned to the hotel full of bliss. :)


1. Dont buy the water sports activity package from your tour operators. Buy from the local agents. We payed a double amount to Thomas Cook as we did not know. Your operator will try to convince that everything needs to be pre booked; but that is not the case, the local agents will give you a much cheaper deal.

2. Have a light breakfast if you are up for the sports activities.

3. Carry plenty of water and knick knacks for later on, dont forget sunscreen, beach towel and extra set of clothes.

I wore:
dress: Globus
Swim suit: bwitch
accessories: Aldo

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