the RIVER meets the SEA....

by - 7/24/2013

When I was little, I used to wonder how the river ends or where does it stop!! My mother had told me that rivers meet the sea at their termination and eventually lose their identity. I had accepted it without seeing it actually, until now..20 years later!! The reason for choosing Mandarmani over other beach destinations was this very reason! I actually got the chance to see the river Champa meet the Bay of Bengal!!

This junction, delta as it is called is very rich in flora and fauna. The famous Red Crabs are also found in this very area. Maybe they require a mixture of freshwater as well as salty water!! Those crabs are very sensitive..they can feel the vibrations of feet from metres away! The moment you take one step closer, thinking the zoom shot from here would be better, they slip into their burrows even before you blink!! At one moment the whole stretch of land is red and the very other moment its vacant!! Such incredible is the creation of God. The more you explore, the more you fall in love with His every masterpiece!!

Estuary or "mohana" as its said in the local language, was quite far from the beach on which we were staying. So we woke up very early in the morning and left the hotel without any breakfast. Who said vacationing meant late mornings and lavish food spreads?? :D Not possible if you are a true traveller :D

We took a motorised rickshaw, as it is the only mode of transport there. Also mandarmani is the longest motorable beach in India.The bumpy ride along the sea was indeed an affair to cherish...

wish I could stay in the air forever!!

a tiny beach shack that sold yummy breakfast and refreshing coconuts!! that brown wet trouser hanging from the coconut table is my husband's!!

the crazy ride to the delta....

the first official pic of the estuary...I am following the trail of the river into the sea!!

white sand and thuja trees...

the estuary in the backdrop...

just love rolling in the sand!!

the beautiful pattern of alluvial soil made by the receding river..

can you see those red spots on the other side? yes you got right...these are the red crabs!!

the army of red crabs behind my husband!!

saluting the rising sun...

hubby trying out a funny stunt...

the fishermen on their duty...

my attention deficit husband in front of the delta...
love the palm trees....

love the palm trees....

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  37. You are gorgeous! Lovely photos! :) Delta is beautiful! I've seen only a little river enter the sea.. :) It's amazing!

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