Clement town

by - 11/21/2014

So it was our last day in Dehradun. We had our last last exam on the next day following which we had our train back to Delhi. We had not seen much of the city during these 12 days. Me the eternal wanderer was not satisfied. We had gone to Tapkeshwar Temple the previous evening but I wanted more. The culmination of the exams ( not yet) needed special celebration!

I wanted to explore Clement town or the Tibetian town of Dehradun and needed a companion. My friend Shraddha shared similar tastes with me. We were big foodies as well as explorers. But she was quite a tomboy unlike me. We both asked our peers whether they wanted to accompany us but all of them were busy studying. We boarded an auto and left.

On entering the Clement town we were mesmerised. I felt as if it was Thailand. The riot of colours of the Buddhist monasteries have always fascinated me. Luckily it was morning time and the sunlight was on the monuments...making them perfect for clicking pictures.

WE took the bylanes and walked towards the giant monastary. On the way we spotted an elegant gate and we entered. Then we realised that it was an Ashram, not the monastery. It was so beautiful that we took pictures. maybe that's why we had lost our paths!!

After that we followed the trail and finally reached the Mindrolling monastery. It had been built in 1965 and it looked brand new!! Beautiful architecture with perfectly manicured lawns..with cool breeze splashing our faces...what more could we have asked for!!
We frolicked around the entire campus taking pictures. It was hot yet the breeze made it easier. I loved every second spent inside the monastery.
We were hungry to the core as we could not have breakfast. On the way back, we stopped at a Tibetian restaurant and had a satisfying brunch.I was very tired when I reached the guest house. Though I took a nap which caused loss of my precious study time, I cherish every moment spent in the Clement Town.

Thanks to the bright sun my phone took pretty good photos!!

collaboration of nature and architecture...

a Buddhist ashram where we accidentally entered...
I always love colourful doors...
the colourful gate of the ashram...

the wheels of fortune...

the Mindrolling monastary built in 1965...

a bird's eye view of the entire campus...

souvenir shop...

Yummy food. ..

the Tibetian restaurant where we had brunch...

Top: Glpbus
Shorts: Old navy
Sunnies: Aldo

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  1. Truly a beautiful place, full of mysticism

  2. You have an amazing taste in travel what an outstanding place you look beautiful rocking the fan.

  3. I just love the gold and bright colors of the architecture :)

  4. Great post! Have a nice weekend:)

  5. Amazing location and cool look!!!!
    Happy friday!!!
    Kisses, love Paola.


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  6. I love your photos!
    I'm in love with your bag!
    anyway, you look gorgeous!

    Rebirth - Beth Kubler Diary - Fashion Blog

  7. Beautiful pictures, sounds like a lovely trip!

    The Belle Narrative

  8. How amazing! What an adventure!

  9. Such a beautiful place. N the pics have come really good.