Tapkeshwar Temple

by - 11/17/2014

Back to Dehradun diaries. .....
We had completed 5 of the brutal exams and only one was left...it needed celebration!! One of our colleagues took us for lunch at a posh hotel right after our exams. After that we returned to our guest house, freshened up and then left for a small excursion.

I did not have any idea that we were going to a temple lest I would have dressed up modestly. My friends told me it was kind of a stream where we would get wet. That why few of us donned short outfits and were dismayed when we landed at a temple!!

Tapkeshwar is another name of Lord Shiva. There were other idols too including a giant statue of Hanuman Ji. The cave in which the Shiva Linga resides was once said to be occupied by Guru Dronacharya, that's why its named Drona Cave. The idols  are placed inside the caves and water seeeps from above.

The best part of this place is a river flowing below. There is also a sulphur spring where people take a dip to get rid of their skin ailments. The water was freezing but that did not deter us from wading in it. There was algae all over and few of us slipped too!

It was almost dusk when we reached. I am always disappointed when I dont have sunlight. I try to explain them that good photographs are possible only in daylight but my friends are so terrified of the sun that they start after the sun goes down. Anyways we paid our respects in the temple and then rapidly descended into the water. Oh it was freezing!! We splashed on each other, jumped around and took uncountable pictures. The time when we could bear the cold no more, we decided to embrace dry territory. 

We decided to walk down to the main road where we could get public transport. On the way we got many stares ( eyes popping ). We then went to the Tibetian market to grab a quick bite but unfortunately had to return empty stomach. Finally had dinner in  our regular restaurant.
At the end of the day, I wanted to study for the last and final exam. But I was so exhausted that I fell asleep with the book on my face!! Anyways it was a pleasant change from the mundane routine.

ice cold water and mesmerizing breeze...

our big gang of  doctors at the entry of Tapkeshwar Temple...

The sun had just set and the temple was getting lit up...

playing in ice cold water...

at the entry of the temple...

with the mighty hanuman ji...

harmony of nature and religion...

the beautiful gate of Tapkeshwar temple...

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  1. Hi Mandira
    how are you?
    I follow your travel and this temple is very relaxing
    have a nice day my dear

  2. wow, stunning place!!!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  3. wooow dear! What a super lovely place!! :)



  4. The temple looks stunning. You have the most amazing place over there. The pics are great. I know it's very hard to take pictures without the sunlight. Why are your friends terrified of the sun? We enjoy every single sunray over here. Happy Monday pretty!!


  5. This looks so lovely and serene, I can't believe you got into the freezing cold water! You are much braver than me.

    Lauren | Disco Daydream

  6. Your romper is adorable. Beautiful photos!

  7. It seems somewhere in my native place, where exactly is this?

  8. looks like a great time! Have a great week!
    xoxo, Ty

  9. What an wonderful place you look great doll.

  10. Great pictures! I love your dress!

  11. lovely photos!♥ the temple is sooo beautiful!:)


  12. Wow it is beautiful there!

  13. The water really does look freezing :p