rough waters

by - 2/24/2015

It was our second day and the first morning in Goa. WE woke up at six, but it was dark everywhere. The electricity had gone off and there was no back up at our village resort!! When we removed the curtains, it was dark outside too. Dawn had not cracked in yet. Instead of waiting for light to appear, we rode on our bike and zoomed off to Anjuna beach, which was hardly a five minute ride.

Anjuna beach is a small beach ( as compared to the huge ones like Calangute and Colva) but beautiful nonetheless. The sand there is reddish brown and coarse; contrary to the silvery white sands in rest of Goa. And its USP lies in the huge, uncountable rocks, making it a rough beach. The huge waves splash against the giant rocks and there is water everywhere. If you sit on the beach, your bums are bound to get bruised by the dragging of sea waves on the coarse sand!

Well for beach enthusiasts like us, nothing could stop us from swimming in the sea. We were on a pretty tight schedule; we had to take breakfast and then check out from our resort at 10, go to Calangute ( which was 10 kms from there) and then check in there. In order to run everything smoothly, we should have left the sea on time. But we kept on locating beautiful spots and went hunting after them. We walked and climbed, climbed and walked. As soon as we would take pictures, we would spot a nicer place and would go after it. Rock climbing is a tedious process, that too within wild grasses. Anyways suddenly the watch caught our eyes and we were terribly late. But there was no short cut. We had to cross the rocks and tall grasses the very way we did it earlier!

After a tiring hike, we gorged on breakfast.It was a sea view restaurant and was wonderful. We wrapped up everything as quickly as possible, as it was a long day ahead!!

soaking under the rising sun...

rough sea...

waves splashing against the rocks...

faith on a rock....

lost in the wilderness...

love on a rock...

rocky terrain and the Arabian sea...

the beautiful rocky Anjuna beach...

such a cute place to have breakfast!!

Breakfast of Aaloo parantha and vada pao...
Sunnies: Aldo
Hat : from Philippines
Sarong : from thailand
Swimwear: Ritu Wears

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  1. What an amazing place doll you look stunning.

  2. Such a fun and tropical outfit!

  3. You look marvelous! I love your sarong! Glad you guys had so much fun. The sea looks really rough. I wouldn't have dared to swim in it. You're so brave. Happy Wednesday pretty!!

    xx /

  4. Goa is my fav destination...b4 marriage I went thr every yr. N post marriage I have only been thr once...I so miss goa.
    I love the way u tk pics..very beautiful.


  5. I want to go to Goa too! Beautiful place and I love your Sarong!

  6. beautiful photos, bellissime, amazing!!!

  7. Great post, hai costruito un post magnifico.


  8. Location beautiful, amazing photos and lovely look.


  9. Great location, and beautiful photos! I love the skirt!

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