Luzon to Cebu

by - 9/01/2014

I usually try not to continue with the same journey over a number of posts. I believe that monotony creeps in. But if its left for too long, the details tend to get diluted!! So today I open up my far East diaries once again and this time its going to be quite a number of posts in continuity.

After three nights in Manila, it was time to hop to another island. As I have mentioned here, Philippines is an archipelago of 7200 islands. Manila is in Luzon island and it was time for us to hop onto Cebu island, a tourist's paradise and the second largest island of this country.

Our flight was early in the morning so we grabbed a quick bite at the airport. A group of pretty air hostesses were spotted chatting and I approached them for a quick snap. They were so sweet that they readily obliged!!

It was a quick short flight ( about 1 and half hours) to Cebu. As soon as we landed, we could smell the tropical flavours. The Cebu International airport is located in Mactan island, a tiny offshoot island adjacent to Cebu. The entire airport was adorned with posters and souvenirs of the various tourist places that were accessible from Cebu. Suddenly the feeling of tropical paradise crept in. It was a radical transition from the business city life of manila. I was feeling very elated. Little we knew that our joy was going to multiply exponentially in the coming days!!

the world is such a small place indeed...this pic was taken by a doctor from  Nepal. He was there in Manila to pursue his specialization in Radiology. That's not the end of the story... turned out his principal of Kathmandu Medical college had taken my husband's classes in KGMC!

with the cute bee of Jollibee at the airport...

the tall and beautiful air hostesses of Philippine airlines...

the Cebu island from air..just before landing...

Mabuhay...meaning Welcome in Filipino...

Tropical plus religious flavour of Cebu!!
a new journey in a new island...
Top: Zara
Skirt: Promod
Vintage Chanel bag

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  1. Looks like so much fun. Love the cute top and the bag. Happy Tuesday pretty!!


  2. Great pictures! I love your to so much!

  3. Loved the picture of you and the hostesses :p

  4. Great view from airplane :D


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  6. Great photos! Love your bag!