Loboc River cruise

by - 9/17/2014

This was the second part of our Bohol trip. I love water ( you all know by now I am pretty much sure ;p) and hence was excited for the cruise!!
Bohol island was once submerged in the Phillpine sea centuries back. The gradual geological changes pushed this piece of land above the water level. Hence the flora and fauna found here are pretty much unique. The chocolate hills ( a post soon on it ) and the Loboc river are two of the examples of uniqueness.

 The Loboc river is supposed to be a direct extension of the sea. Its green in colour; not because of the presence of algae, but some unknown reasons. Also the fish living here are pretty much marine ,that is , not freshwater. Same goes for the aquatic plants which are marine too. This pretty much proves that the Loboc river is an offshoot of the sea and contains the salty sea water!! Anyways the lovely green colour of the river (green is my favourite hue) was enough to get me excited!!

Our tour bus dropped us at one end of the river. From there we got into a lovely wooden boat and our cruise started!! They served scrumptious lunch and bottomless ice tea. Rest of the drinks were chargeable. There was live dance and music and the we were passing by a continuous panorama of natural spectacularness. We lost track of time and did not even know that it was time for a U turn and come back.

The point where the cruise took a U turn had a floating wooden stage. There, a number of local Bohol children were performing dance. Awesome local Bohol music was playing in the background; sung by a different group of children. We were so lost in the harmony of music and nature that we did not want to go back!!

The trip down was more fulfilling as our lunch was over. We could solely concentrate on the serene sceneries passing by and live music in the background. That day was our anniversary and when I heard the lady sing ' love you like a love song' by Selena Gomez, I shed all inhibitions and started dancing!! My supportive husband joined me immediately and we gave our fellow travellers a good eye feast!! Everyone started clapping and we were named dancing doctors!! This day remains one of the favourite days of my life till date!!

beautiful scenery all around...and icetea..it was bottomless!! :D
boring plate of my husband's..

the beautiful green Loboc river...

cute wooden boat and coconut trees all around...

local Bohol children performing dance and music on a floating stage...
 Dress : Forever21
Purse: Globus
Accesssories: F21, Globus

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  1. I'm so jealous you travel to the most amazing places always look fabulous and eating so good. You very bless doll. enjoy all so well deserve.

  2. you always visit so many interesting places! and the food looks delicious!





  3. Looks beautiful! I like you're hat

  4. So magic location!!!
    Have a nice day!
    Angela Donava

  5. Omg that vibrant blue dress looks marvelous. My dancing doctors I would have loved to see you guys dance. I bet it was an eye feast. You should have made a video. Glad you had such a great time. Happy Thursday pretty!!


  6. wonderful pics, love this

  7. How sweet. Love your dresses and dressing up. I'm interested in knowing how you choose your exotic travel destinations.