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by - 9/05/2014

So here we reached Cebu in the last post. This island was pretty amazing. We were not staying in the mainland of Cebu, but a tiny offshoot island of mactan. The island Cebu pretty much reminds of my own country. Happy, simple and helpful people. More of heritage and less of technology. After a dip and a quick bite at the awesome poolside restaurant of our hotel, we were ready to explore!!

The first step of our journey needed us to sail to the mainland of Cebu. We could have easily hired a cab and reached Cebu in a jiffy. But we chose the backpacker's way. We took the iconic local jeepney and reached the port. From there it was a quick and cheap ferry ride to Cebu. Our Google earth maps did most of the guiding part. But however, we were lost in the public transport department. There was chaos and rumbling engines everywhere but we were clueless on what to board that would take us to our first stop.

That's when God's miracle came into play. While asking for directions to numerous passerbys, we met a young beautiful girl, Mary. Not only she gave us the required directions, but also offered to accompany us to our first stop, Basilica of Santo Nino. We were thrilled to have a guide along with us.

It was Friday and it was prayer day. Of course we did not know that and were waiting for the mass to get over. We took few snaps in between ( photography is strictly prohibited during mass) and got scolded too :) he he ...There also Mary acted as an interprator and saved us from the official's wrath. It was getting dark and as much as we wanted to stay till the end of mass, we were running short of time and had other places to visit too. Reluctantly, we had to leave but thankfully, mary offered to accompany us.

Our next stop was just outside the church : the Magellan's Cross. I had studied about Magellan in history books in school. He was supposedly the first person to encircle the entire world. Little that I knew that I would have the priviledge to visit his remnants!! Phillipines, especially Cebu was a Spanish colony. This is still reflected in the language and culture today. Spain and Portugal being being very strong in the medieval times had managed to conquer these Asian lands. When magellan was killed by Lapu Lapu, the Phillipine freedom fighter, his cross was safely preserved. Magellan was on a mission to spread Christianity. His original Cross lies inside the wooden casket ( the one we photographed).

After that we went to Fort San Pedro. It was quite late and Mary decided to leave. we thanked her profusely and promised to stay in touch with each other through social media. We still are friends..isn't it great!!

After the fort we went to Colon Street, the oldest street in the world. Sadly the markets were closed as it was Friday, their praying day. WE stopped on various sites and were dead hungry.We searched for a restaurant that served vegetarian and got Chowking, a yummy Chinese place. Eating for my husband is such a punishment ...poor guy doesnot get vegatarian food!! After filling ourselves to the throat, we were dead tired!! It was time to go back to our little island to retire. The next day was going to be even more hectic!! This time, we decided to ditch the ferry and take surface transport instead. Honestly, it was so late that the ferries had stopped operating!! That one one nice eventful day!!

a fancy jeepney dropping us at the port...

I donot know the name of this church but I saw it on google earth while trip planning and was thrilled to spot it!!

At the Mactan sea port...

all set to cross the Mactan channel in this boat and reach Cebu, the main island.
grabbing a quick bite at the poolside restaurant of our hotel

with the sweetest person I ever came across!! Mary, a Cebu locale, offered us to guide us to various tourist spots when we had asked her for directions!! She was a blessing to us and we still are in touch through facebook!!

The spectacular Basilica of Santo Nino

You all must have read in history about Magellan, the first person to travel around the world. He died here, in Cebu and this was his cross. The original Magellan's cross is kept inside this wooden casket.

The fort San Pedro

Cebu is famous for its guitar factories and hence its guitars...

Hungry after hopping around the entire city, grabbing dinner at Chowking, a wonderful Chinese restaurant.

yummiest honey chicken I had ever tasted!!

Dress : Forever21
Accessories: Globus, Forever21
Vintage Chanel purse

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  1. beautiful Cebu! Wow, love your outfit, you're definitely classy!


  2. Blue lo9ks amazing on you andvthe location looks fantastic to visit. Enjoy your weekend doll.

  3. OMG
    I really love your trips sweetie
    You look wonderful
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage diary Fashion Blog

  4. I can imagine that you are again on an amazing trip! Beautiful pictures and the blue of the dress is a dream :)

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena


  5. I really found that church beautiful :)
    And Mary must be a very sweet person!

  6. You look so chic and stylish. I adore this combo and you did a fantastic job styling. I especailly love your hat!

  7. lovely, nice look :)


  8. Cebu looks amazing. Wow Mary is so pretty and so nice. It's great that she showed you around. I'm glad you're still friends with her. Sometime social media is a blessing. Have a happy Monday pretty!!!