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by - 7/07/2014

After our four days stay at Manila, it was time to fly to Cebu. Philippines is an archipelago consisting of about 7200 islands and Cebu i one of them. Just adjacent to Cebu, is a tiny offshoot called Mactan. Mactan island lies across the Mactan channel and is accessible from the mainland of Cebu via bridge and water tranport. The Cebu International airport is situated in Mactan, hence we decided to book a hotel in Mactan itself.

As I said in my last post we were looking for not so luxurious options as we wanted to spend that money more on travelling and shopping. While browsing through sites we came across Hotel Bellavista. Its a three star hotel quite near to the airport. As I have professed that the availability of a swimming pool is a major criteria for me to book hotels; this one won me hands down. Reasonable rate with a rooftop pool, pick and drop from airport and breakfast...I did not want anything more. Anyways we were going to use the room just for sleeping at night, the whole day was to be spent outdoors for touring, so it did not really matter how swanky the room was. But when we reached there, it turned out to be more than our expectations!!

The rooftop pool overlooked the entire Mactan channel joing the Phillipine sea. WE could see the vessels sailing and hoardes of traffic entering and exiting Mactan through the bridge. The famous Mercalo Fernan bridge could be seen right from the pool. And above all the rooftop restaurant was ah-mazing!!

My second love of life i.e food, was lovely. The breakfast consisted of a lavish spread of all my favourite items. Sadly, we had to miss the first two breakfasts as our tours were scheduled at 5 30 in the morning!! On the last morning, I enjoyed eating to my heart's content. I had caught fever from the overexposure to sea bathing, swimming and the blazing sun and rain, but nothing could stop me from enjoying every bit of our stay :)

The icing on the cake were the sweet staff!! They made our stay truly memorable!!

our comfortable but not so fancy room...

the walls were adorned with cloth pieces from all over Phillipines...

The famous Mercalo Fernan Bridge at the back connecting Mactan to the Cebu mainland.

The Mactan channel all around and finally losing its individuality in the Philippine sea...

I can relax like this the whole day!!

yummy snacks at the poolside restaurant...

yummy breakfast..this is how I look when I have high fever from overvacationing :(

my bodyguard read my husband at the breakfast corner

the receptionists were too sweet :)

the 1565 restaurant...lovely place to eat!!

Leopard print top: Zara
Orange top: Promod
White skirt: Promod
Nautical dress: Max
Belt: Promod
Wedges: from Dubai

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  1. you are lucky to be on vacation.
    Enjoy your time

  2. Wow the hotel looks amazing and how cool is the rooftop pool. Glad you enjoyed your stay. Tours at 5.30 is a bit cruel when you're vacationing :D
    Have a happy Monday pretty. Sorry for the delay. I was crazy busy :)

    xx Mira

  3. Beautiful place you look stunning

  4. Amazing!

  5. What a gorgeous hotel! Lucky you :) Love that orange dress on you too

  6. Amazing pictures! Beautiful hotel!!

  7. U r a true travelller..vacationing with high fever...awesome.
    Hope ur little one is dong well. did u name her? r u hosting a naming ceremony for her?


  8. Have a happy Friday pretty!! Can't wait to see your new post :D