Ganesh Chaturthi

by - 8/29/2014

Happy Ganesha Chaturthi everyone!! This is quite unusual for me as I celebrate Durga Puja being a Bengali!!  But since I am secular, I respect and celebrate all kinds of religious festivals!
Ganesh Chaturthi is predominantly celebrated in Maharashtra and Western India. For us Bengalis, Lord Ganesha is the son of Goddess Durga. In rest of India, he holds utmost importance as the remover of obstacles and God of beginnings and intelligence. That's why the elephant headed Lord usually adorns the Hindu wedding cards.

This festival lasts for about 10 days culminating with the immersion of the idol. I would love to witness the pompous celebration in Maharashtra. At times I feel so sad that these brilliant works of art are immersed in water!!

Day before yesterday we were going somewhere when I spotted rows of Ganesha statues being completed for sale. They were across the road and the traffic was free flowing in peak office hour. However that did not stop me from cajoling my husband to stop the car and get down and watch them closely. You know this was the first time in my life that I so so many idols together and I was thrilled!!

There were thousands of idols in different stages of completion. If you notice closely, each statue is different. Brilliant neon colours, exquisite gold jewelry, each piece is a masterpiece. Its so sad that the sculptors who spend so much time and energy to give beauty to these statues are given no credit. Anyways this impromptu stopover in middle of traffic made such a cute blogpost!! Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did!!

Offering my respect to Lord Ganesha...

Ganesha statues in different stages of completion...

a young sculptor giving final touches to the statue...

How magnificient is this one!!

All these beautiful statues for sale...

so beautifully adorned with jewelry!!

the statues have found shelter in a bus stop!! Can you spot me??

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  1. Happy Ganesha Chaturthi and Friday!!! What an awesome festival. Everything looks so beautiful. These people know how to celebrate <3


  2. Great pictures and you look so amazing :)

  3. WOW..such beautiful clicks..! i love this festival.