Sindoor Khela

by - 10/03/2014

Happy Dusshera loves!! This year we are at a loss as Ashtami and Navami fell on the same day leading to wastage of a precious festive day! However at my place, tomorrow we have extended Dashami so its not really a loss!! Now some interesting Dashami rituals!!

For those who don't know what sindoor this, its a vermilion pigment that marks our marital status. Most Indians ( traditionally) mark their forehead with sindoor after marriage. No matter however modern we are, we love to exhibit our marital status at least during festivals.
 On the last day of Durga Puja, we have a special ceremony with it.
All the females love to pay regards to Goddess Durga and the other Gods by putting sindoor on them before they are taken away for immersion. After that, the ladies smear sindoor on each other's faces. This ritual is not restricted to married females only; young girls can indulge too. There is a saying that if an unmarried girl accidentally gets smeared with sindoor, she is likely to get hitched very soon.

On the Dashami of 2009, I was just returning from worshipping Goddess Durga when a lady grabbed me and smeared me with sindoor. This incident amused my Mom when I narrated to her and she suspected something. As destiny had planned, I met my would be husband the next year and got engaged to be married. Being a doctor, I dont believe in superstitions but this is how they come into being!! 

Here are some hilarious pictures from the ceremony!!

a filmy moment....

with my mommy dearest!!

with my entire family...

smearing sindoor on each other's faces...

me with other sindoor smeared ladies...

trying my hand at beating the 'dhak'

a small saree moment!!

Thanks to my dad for clicking these!! Before my husband came into my life, Mom was my loyal photographer. Now that I rarely travel with her, my husband has taken her place. But its really rare for my Dad to click!! Me and my mom never trust his photography instincts. But that day since Mom was smeared with sindoor, Dad had to do the honour. I think he did pretty good!!

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  1. Nice Pictures!
    New Post is up on my blog xx

  2. Look at this amazing post and the outfit you cannot beat that stunning.

  3. You look truly amanzing!! Congrats for your beautiful family

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  4. OMG congrats babe
    Love these photos
    Maggie D.
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  5. Your "filmy moment" picture is so beautiful :)

  6. Great post - love your sparkles!

  7. Great pictures! You are so beautiful! I love the dress in the first pictures!

  8. Omg you look amazing. I love the outfits and your family looks so lovely. The rituals look like a lot of fun. Kudos to your dad. The pics he took are perfect. Have a happy Saturday pretty!!


  9. Sindoor a red color material and a symbol of married life is used by ladies in india to keep there husband remembered that they are married as women can't see there forehead without mirror but poor husband as soon as look on her face get the signal. So it is a red light of your life and stops you from fooling around other ladies.
    Sindoor's chemical name is mercuric oxide and highly poisonous in nature so be carefull while using it!!!

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