Pearl of the Orient

by - 8/10/2014

The title is quite ambiguous. There is not a single pearl of the orient. Sometimes Hong Kong is called so while at other times, Singapore and Manila steals this title!! Fortunately, I have been to all these three. Since I have been writing about Singapore since the past couple of posts; hence 'my' pearl of the Orient is Singapore!!

Cities like Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai etc are dynamic cities. They are continuously under construction and their maps change entirely within a couple of years!! My bestie visited Singapore two years before me and when she saw my photographs, she was fazed!! There were so many new structures!!

Well our journey began with the first stop at Singapore flyer, the largest observatory wheel in the world. Based on the likes of London eye, its one of the best ways to catch a bird's eye view of the city. The ride is about half an hour long and was about 35 Singaporean Dollars. I went with my dad only as mom is acrophobiac!! Ideally the best time to get into such rides is just before dusk. Then you can witness the city both during daylight and in the dark. When the city lits up, its a totally different view altogether. Unfortunately we could not do so as we were with a group. But learning from this mistake, we went atop the Burj Khalifa during dusk and Dubai was spectacular during the day as well as night!!

After that we headed to the Marina Bay. On the way we took the Orchard Road which is one of the famous shopping destinations in the world. Almost all important Singaporean landmarks are in the vicinity...the iconic Merlion which is a mythical creature half lion and half fish. Then the Marina Bay Sands hotel which is one of the poshest in the world. It houses the world's highest casino and infinity pool! The Marina Bay itself was the coolest place to hang out.

After a half day tour of this fascinating city, we headed to Sentosa Island .
That day was filled with nonstop laughter and unforgettable memories!!

The journey is bound to be awesome if covered in such a colourful bus!!

Entering the Singapore Flyer, the largest observatory wheel in the world.

view of the city from the Flyer...

Beautiful breeze on the bay...

the Marina Bay Sands hotel...the world's highest casino is here!!
The infinity pool and spectacular view of the city from the top of Marina Bay Sands hotel....
The mythical creature Merlion, half fish half lion, symbolic of Singapore. This is probably a cliche pose but I love it nonetheless!!

The serene marina bay with the Singapore Flyer in background...

the Elgin bridge..

Yes I am that strong!! the Marina Bay Sands in my hands!!

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  1. Singapore is such a beautiful city...i only had 3 days with me to explore it. i so wanna go back again. n u look gorgeous in that dress.


  2. The last pictures are amazing!! I love your dress!

  3. Love that fountain pic. Gorgeous! You look phenomenal and I love the addition of a hat. Perfection.

  4. I have never been in singapore! What a beautiful place!

  5. That's an amazing city! The Marina Bay Sands totally convinced me that I want to visit there.

    Alex - Funky Jungle

  6. Lovely place cool outfit you look stunning.

  7. I had no idea how awesome Singapore is. Wow it must be the pearl of the orient. Geez I haven't seen anything like this before. I feel like I live in the past haha. Glad you had so much fun. You look adorable as always :)


  8. Nice photos :D M&MFASHIONBITES

  9. Great photos! Have a nice week)

  10. Nice pics!