Singapore Night Safari

by - 8/05/2014

Since we reached Singapore in the last post, I continue with it today :) After an exhausting cross country journey, we reached our hotel at around half past five. Our pick up for the Night Safari was at 6pm. That left us with just half an hour to freshen up!!

Well Night Safari is one of its kind and the largest in the entire world. Spread over a huge area, all types of wild animals (endangered ones included) are kept in their natural habitat. As animals are mostly nocturnal, they are shown to the visitors during night. The animals roam around wildly as we watch them from a distance. Scary as it sounds, in reality it is a unique way to venture into the wild!! The guides narrate important information about them while we try to locate them in the dark. Its not a zoo, neither is a sanctuary. A very unique way to see animals in their natural habitat.

There are no electric lights anywhere, the paths have been lit up by fire torches. Cameras are not allowed with flash, as they can scare the beasts. As we enter the campus, we are made to sit on a tram that travels around the whole jungle. One can deboard anywhere anytime to pursue the animal trails. 

We got down and followed the leopard trail. My dad, an overprotective and overcautious person was too apprehensive. He could neither leave me and mom alone, nor he was willing to see any leopard. We were scared too, but our enthusiasm had conquered our apprehension. After walking quite a lot, we spotted a leopard and our joy knew no bounds!! 

Apart from the animals on the loose, there were interesting animal shows by the tamed ones of course. There are no pictures as flash was not aloud. The best part of this safari was the tribal show where artists blew fire from their mouths with animals all around. The worst part? Singapore is a very humid city. And with so much greenery all around, the trees in the forests were transpiring at their peak. It was very very humid and at times I felt like fleeing the place because of the heat and sweat!!

The pictures are not very clear as it was very dark inside ( lit up by fire torches and dim lights) and flash was not allowed!!

I love pythons!! ( no I dont!!)

the most adventurous part of the safari....yes, we spotted a leopard!!

at the entry of night safari...

posing with the tribes....

huge crowd to watch the animal shows...

fire torches everywhere...
the mesmering performance in the wild!!

grabbing a quick bite!!
all tired, wanted to get a dip at midnight!!

Dress, Accessories: Globus
Purse:Shoppers Stop

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  1. Awesome post cool pictures.

  2. YOu always have really fun experiences to show us :)

  3. Great experience, I would like to visit Singapore!! Beautiful pictures!

  4. So jealous of all these beautiful places that you get to visit.
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  5. These photos are so cute and fun
    I love them
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage diary

  6. have never been to singapore :( :( ..nice post and lovely pics :)

  7. wow dear!! Cool pics!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  8. Looove your pics! It's been an amazing trip I guess ;)