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by - 12/05/2015

You remember the seven cardinal sins? Well I have committed one and continue doing so! Gluttony! Those who know me are well aware with my obsession for food...sweets and fried food specially. And those who know me very well love my cooking! I ventured into cooking after my marriage. Before that I did not even know how to make a cup of tea. But then fate took a twist and I started cooking. My friends and colleagues at my clinic love my cooking. I am usually misjudged by my appearance. When people taste my food, they refuse to believe that I have made it. Having said that, I have never ventured into desserts. I am not talking about suji ka halwa or gajar ka halwa but desserts like creme bu-lee or pies. I prefer buying them. But blogging makes me try the strangest of things. Since I am new into desserts, I came up with a super easy one!

Trying desserts for the first time!

I was pretty much impressed with the Awadhi cuisine when I was in Lucknow. I love sweets and loved their major sweet meat Shahi Tukda. Most of my acquaintances don't eat sweets because girls (unlike me) are weight conscious. Only if I was I would not have been in this terrible state. Well I decided to come up with my own (read easy peesy) version of Shahi Tukda but with a twist. For all the calorie conscious people out there, I substituted sugar with Sugar Free Natura. It contains sucralose and is a healthier alternative to sugar.
Here is how I whipped up an easy version of the famous Lucknowi Shahi Tukda. Shahi means Royal and Tukda means piece. My recipe is for all working ladies who have to find an easier way of everything!


4 slices of bread
2 cups of milk
2 tablespoons of custard powder
1/2 cup sugar free natura (or according to your taste)
1/4 cup of Desi Ghee.
1/2 cup water
Chopped cashews and raisins

Sugar free natura

Start with removing the edges of bread slices. Then cut the bread into half diagonal slices.

sugar Free

Fry the bread slices in Desi Ghee in a fry pan.

Fry them till both the sides are golden.

desi ghee

Put 2 tablespoons of custard in 1/2 cup of milk and heat it with continuous stirring. When the consistency is thick, add the rest of the milk. Keep on stirring continuously. No clumps should be formed.

Now time for the sweet syrup. Heat 1/2 cup of water in a wok and add 1/2 cup of sugar free. Keep on stirring continuously till the syrup becomes thick.

sweet syrup

The consistency of the sugar syrup should be one thread consistency.

sugar free

Now dip the fried bread slices into the sweet syrup so that they are fully soaked.

Lay the sweet slices on a plate and top them up with generous amounts of custard.

Garnish the slices with cashew nuts and raisins (I used raisins from Kazakhstan)

My easy version of Shahi Tukda is ready to be gorged upon!

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  1. Great recipe! It looks delicious!

  2. Wow ! What a twist to the Shahi Tukda !

  3. Nice, try Shahi Tukda using Rabdi next time. That is the othantic recipe.

  4. Nice, try Shahi Tukda using Rabdi next time. That is the othantic recipe.