City palace

by - 12/23/2015

One of the highlights of any Udaipur trip would be the City palace. The palace is the second largest palace in India after Mysore palace and the largest of its kind in the state of Rajasthan. However if you ask me, I found it to be an overrated and overcharged place. I mean if you are a history lover or even just fond of travelling, then you must have come across lots of palaces and forts (if you have visited Delhi or Rajasthan). So what's all the hype about this place? Okay so its located on the banks of the gorgeous lake Pichola. But isn't every fort or palace in our country beside a waterbody? Be it the Chunar fort by the ganges, the Ramnagar Fort again by the ganges ( The huge ganga drains a major part of North to East India) or our very own Old Fort by the dried up Yamuna, every royal dwelling had been built by the waterside for obvious reasons. The stark difference that distinguishes this palace from others is its prim maintenance. No wonder they charge so heavy ( as per Indian standards). You even have to pay extra for the camera!! Anyways the palace was really a treat to the eyes. Since we were so short on time, we tried to cover as much as possible.

The city palace had been built in the 16th century by several rulers of the Maharana dynasty to Sisodia rajput clan. Its a fusion of Rajput and Mughal architecture. It had been built on a hill top to provide panoramic views of the city. It was built in such a way so as it was protecetd from all sides by the lake, forests and Aravalli hills. This palace gives way to the Jag mandir which is located in midst of the Lake Pichola. Boat ride fares start from Rs 615 to go inside the temple!

One thing very quintessential to Udaipur is the obsession for the James Bond movie Octopussy. A major part of the film had been shot here including the City palace and the Sajjangarh fort. Every evening at around seven, every restaurant, cafe and hotel in the city showcase this film. Anyways I love this city for a lot more reasons than the extravagant city palace or Octopussy movie.

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  1. Beautiful location! I love your dress!

  2. Beautiful pictures..i havent been to rajasthan yet...but i have to pretty soon.


  3. Really Beautiful ! visited last winter

  4. Lovely place and nice captures ..

  5. Yeah Udaipur is over rated and expensive as told by many friends of mine. I don't wanna visit it in particular since I have seen so many forts and palaces in Delhi, Jaipur & Jodhpur. And now tell me something, how do you manage to stay so stylish during your trips? All travel pictures of urs are so elegant!

  6. I have been very close to Udaipur but somehow never visited ... will make it a point to visit next time .