Katerina and John, Santorini

by - 3/09/2016

perissa beach
Blue doors are an innate part of the Greek lifestyle...
The most common name which we came across while in Greece was undoubtedly Katerina! Probably every third girl we came across was Katerina! In Paros island, I asked the hostess Katerina whether it was the commonest Greek name. She had replied that it was Maria! Well for us it was Katerina!

Our apartment in Santorini was named after the owners...John and Katerina. John was an elderly man and we had read rave reviews about his kind nature on tripadvisor. His property was beautiful and had a pool. So we took it!

This happened for the first time that we were deliberately staying away from city centres. In Athens we stayed at Pireaus instead of Syntagma. In Paros we stayed in Parikia instead of Naoussa. In Santorinin too we chose to stay in Perissa instead of Fira, the capital or Oia, the dream city!
There were various reasons behind it. The hotels in Fira which had a swimming pool overlooking the caldera were stupendously expensive...around 25,000 INR per night! I was not ready to stay at a normal (read pool less hotel) for just staying in Fira.

Secondly living on an island is meaningful only of you stay close to the beach! So cheers to Perissa! This incredible beach was 10 minutes walking from our place.

The Perissa beach is nothing short of a marvel. Well I did not have the idea that it would turn out to be so beautiful but knew that a black beach is special in itself!

We were for four days here and enjoyed every bit of it. I however would not recommend this place to people who love to stay indoors as the room was not that luxurious. But the grounds, pool area and the people were wonderful. We made many friends...from Finland, Canada, UK, Japan etc etc. Everyone including us would be found lounging around the pool early in the morning or late night. WE used to have breakfast in the courtyard. I used to star watch lying there at night. God knows after how many years I did that.

One thing that baffled me right after we set foot on Santorini was the crazy wind! Believe me it was making us impossible to stand erect! Hair, hat clothes etc all were flying. While lounging in the pool area in the morning, I had to wear my Venus sweatshirt because the wind was so chilly! While having breakfast often it happened that our ketchup sachets flew away! And don't get me started on the temperature of water of the pool. It was so cold! Thanks to my floater, I could enjoy the pool without swimming!

katerina and john
The best part of floaters is that you can enjoy water without actually getting wet!

Entry to our hotel

Waking up to a beautiful morning!

We used to star gaze from here every night...the skies are so clear...its unimaginable here in Delhi!

Cover up: Zara
Sunnies: Aldo
Hat: from Malaysia
Earrings, Bracelets: Forever 21
Purse: Furla Candy

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  1. This hat is so chic! I LOVE the color! You look stunning.

  2. I want to elope to Greece...right no. Gorgeous pics and very well written.


  3. I love your fashionable posing style...


  4. Que luxo arrasou nas imagens amei, tenha uma semana abençoada.
    Meu canal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apP6eHn5PlI

  5. Love all this images capturing the beauty of Greece and you look fabulous

  6. Must have been such an awesome time! I should buy a floater.. Lol.


  7. Very pleasing mood in the pics.

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