The Photographer

by - 3/14/2016

How important is a photographer to a blog? Well it depends. Is yours a photo blog or a poetry one? The photographer is an integral part of any blog that remotely caters to travel, fashion, photography or reviews. Well my blog is I can say 90% dependent on photography. Whether its my travel diaries or product reviews or OOTDs, I am helplessly dependent on my photographer aka the husband for my blog.

My husband takes pride in knowing that I am helpless without him. Whether its driving the car, buying groceries or taking pictures of me for my blog, I pretty can't do much without him. Well I had never imagined to stay apart for work as I always had plans to leave everything and move with him if the situation ever demanded. I always used to wonder when other couples lived apart for work. 

Well I recently got a taste of it when my husband had to go to the Middle East for performing surgeries. Middle East meant no way of me accompaying him. Also I could not take leave from my clinic for so long. So I came up with my set of plans. First I tried to stop him from going there. But his hospital was adamant. I fell sick but that did not work out either. Finally I had to let him go. It was a trip of 12 days and hoped that time would fly.

I had a lot of projects pending for my blog. Outfit pictures had to be taken. I tried to schedule all those photography sessions before he left for the Middle East. But not all of them could be completed. Still I was thankful that he squeezed so much time and effort for me amidst his crazy schedule. Those 12 days were the longest in my life.

The photographer returned yesterday. He was jetlagged but I dragged him out for a fancy dinner (and pictures too). I had received this beautiful studded white jacket, mint top and this fringe bag from and it was apt for the ocassion. Though I love the entire outfit, I am especially in love with this beige fringe bag.

Notice the studded details of this cute white jacket. How cute is this peace pendant?

How cute is this brown fringe bag? Its so much cheaper than the usual Steve Madden fringe ones.

I can't get over this mint off shoulder top.

P.s Did you notice the irony of this post? This post is dedicate to the photographer aka my husband but contains no picture of him. Its an OOTD post after all. Also I forgot to click even a single picture of him :D (covering my face) 

Rings, Bracelet: Globus
Sandals: From Thailand
Lips: MAC Up The Amp

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  1. I can totally relate to it as my hubby does the same for me. U look lovely !

  2. I love the mint top!♥ it's so cute! and it's good to hear that your husband is back home!:)

  3. is kahani ghar ghar ki.
    U look supercute.

    New Post Up

  4. I love how you dedicated this post to him you guys balance each other because is true love. The jacket and bag very pretty you look stunning. Great post doll.

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