Livadia at night

by - 3/01/2016

Every place in Livadia was beautifully lit up....
After a spooky scare at Santa Maria beach, we scooted all the way to our place . There is a famous saying ' Mullah ki daud mashjid tak'. meaning a person is most comfortable in his own surroundings. That applies for us too! As soon as we reached near Parikia, we started feeling safe. We decided to proceed towards Livadia beach which is famous for its cafes and nightlife. It was pitch dark and there was chill in the wind. As soon as we reached the beach, I jumped off the scooter and wanted to roll on the sand. But the sand was so cold that all my wishes were in vain. We snuggled up on the sand and watched the flickering lights of the vessels on the sea.

As we got a few moments to regain our composure (we had been riding since we had landed on Paros) we realised that we were famished. There were a hundreds of cute looking bistros from where glaring music was coming. WE decided to go to one of them.

Every restaurant in Greece is either Ephesus or Aristotle or Hercules...he he :D

The best part of Paros Island were the sweetness of the people. I mean we have never come across people who can be so sweet, polite and helpful. The restaurant in which we got in was hosted by a British Girl. One more thing which I noticed in Greece was an enormous number of expats. They were not only from Europe but from all over the world. Nevertheless they had imbibed the sweet Greek hospitality too.

That British girl took many pictures of us and the rest of the people at the cafe enjoyed interacting with us. They said that had met Indians for the very first time. WE listened to the happening music playing there. There were live bands and people were making merry. It was as if no stress existed in this world! Wish everyday could be like this!

Daily music and dance ,,,they really know how to enjoy life!!

Life is a party for the people of Paros...
It was really late. We needed to go back to our hotel. We had two beaches left for the next morning and after that it was our ferry to Santorini.


While going back we did not realise that the way to our apartment was converted into a one way. There were hoards of pedestrians and when we sped through the lane, they screamed ' THIS IS A PEDESTRIAN STREET ONLY'!!! We sped as fast as we could. So we had broken a rule in foreign land. It was one big adventurous day!!

Watch the video to get a feel of the night life!

Dress: Mango
Purse: Shopper's Stop

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  1. Oops you drove on a Pedestrian street... I am sure those who noticed must have laughed saying Indians and their driving... Loved the pictures. Looks like a quintessential place where one can peacefully disconnect with the world.

  2. Like your description and how fun to get together there you look amazing.

  3. seems like a lovely place and u guys look great :-)

    Cheers, Archana -

  4. Great review, Beautiful pictures!

  5. Lovely pics with a nice description makes it a great blog.

  6. Lovely pics with a nice description makes it a great blog.