Santa Maria

January 09, 2016 docdivatraveller 12 Comments

So I just escaped from committing a sin...beef! After filling our stomachs with grilled octopus and chicken souvlaki, we bade goodbye to Naoussa.  We proceeded towards the Santa Maria beach. The way to the beach was nothing short of spectacular.

The Aegean Sea on one side and deserted land on the other...winding road in between.. me trying to hold my hat from flying off!!

The road was winding. Sometimes it was so windy that our scooty swayed. After stopping at various stops to ask for directions, we reached a deserted stretch of road which read Santa Maria. No one could be seen around. Paros is a sparsely populated island anyways. It was around eight in the evening. Just half an hour of daylight left. So we took the risk and proceeded.

I could stare at this view forever!

It was a very windy evening. The Aegean Sea was on one side and stretches of land with tall grasses on another. The road seemed to have come out of a fairytale. Then we spotted a big house facing the sea. Tall golden grasses were swaying in the wind at the front. We had to stop here for pictures.

It was almost sunset hour. Just about fifteen minutes of natural light was left. I hate taking pictures during dusk. Either broad daylight or pitch dark! It was time we hurried.

We sped for a good fifteen minutes to reach Santa Maria. It was almost dark. There were just a couple of girls there apart from us.They were all the way from Brazil. God knows where all others were at such a famous beach. A beautiful resort led to the beach. I don't know whether the deserted ambiance or the impeding darkness, I felt a chill run down my spine. It was actually creepy. It was time to scoot. By the time we left, it was pitch dark.

Saying goodbye to Nauossa...

Beautiful stone houses on the way...

The deserted Santa Maria, hubs and two Brazilian girls...

It was almost dark at the Santa Maria beach

artefacts in the beach resort
The place where I almost ate beef :(

Top: Forever 21Shorts: From PhilippinesBag: Shoppers Stop

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  1. Such a beautiful place. You look amazing.

  2. Great pictures!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  3. Please share your recommendations on cafes, bars, restaurants so that your visitors can be benefited :)

  4. The view is so amazing. I wish I were there right now. You look gorgeous. I love your shorts. Happy Tuesday Mandira!

  5. I love your shorts!:) They are so cute and playful! great pictures!:)

  6. Such beautiful pictures! I like your shorts!

  7. I am in love with greece and ur pics make me so jealous.


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  9. Looks like you were all dressed-up for a beach-outing. I love twilight hours, they provide for so stunning hues!

    Santa Maria- I have to visit you some day 😊