Mewar Express

by - 1/30/2016

This trip started as our annual ritual. The day which has had the maximum impact on our lives till date needed to be celebrated. Yes it was our marriage anniversary. When hubs was trying to convince me for marrying him, I set a condition that vacations would be an integral part of our life. He being a busy surgeon meant that he would have a very busy schedule. At least he could promise me some quality time on the pretext of vacations. So we settled on at least an exotic vacation and a number of domestic vacations in a year. Poor thing, this agreement had such a huge impact in his life that he started working even harder to arrange those vacations!

Our wedding anniversary was supposed to be celebrated outside the town but I did not know where. I am not in favour of travelling with an infant. So all our previous trips had been sans her. My mom had already been taking care of her during weekdays when I went to the hospital but being away from her even on weekends was really not a good idea. So the travel planner in me took a backseat. I really did not have anything in mind but miracles do happen! This time the husband..Mr Lazy Bones donned the hat of the planner!

One fine morning, my husband surprised me with the tickets to Udaipur. Not only that he even decided the hotel which turned out to be fantastico! Anyways it was lovely to take a backseat and see things getting done for a change. I never thought that such kind of day would ever come in my life!

We went to Udaipur by the Mewar Express. Mewar is a region of South Central Rajasthan which includes the present day districts of Bhilwara, Chittorgarh, Rajsamand and Udaipur and even some parts of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Lord Shiva is called the king of Mewar. The entire region is surrounded by the Aravalli ranges.

We boarded the train in the evening and reached Udaipur the next day morning. I had expected Udaipur to be a lot warmer than Delhi. Surprisingly, it was not! Maybe this is was a desert phenomenon. Mornings and nights are freezing while the days are scorching! I kept on wearing the thick sweater which I had on from Delhi. The auto ride to our hotel was a very windy one and I clung to my sweater. Anyways as the day progressed, the heat of the sun got intense too and I finally able to get a taste of the desert like weather. 

For such a short and husband planned trip, it was way more delightful than what I had expected it to be!  It turned out to be a fantastico experience!

The chaotic Nizamuddin station...

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  1. great surprise! Lovey pictures

  2. I love ur outfit.


  3. You are blessed to get such a caring hubby