Safdurjung tomb

by - 1/24/2016

Yesterday I was thinking that its been a while that I had done a post on Delhi. I opened up my Delhi diaries which had not been penned down yet and found these pictures. I was pleasantly shocked to see my old self. Then I remembered that it was a very important day in our lives! In fact that day has had the greatest impact in my life till date. That was the very day when I got the first sonogram done of our baby! It was the first routine prenatal sonogram that is done just to ensure that everything is fine. My parents who have old school thinking condemn unnecessary ultrasounds. They feel its simply not safe for the baby. Science however says something else. Anyways I did not have much of an option. I was consulting the best obstretician of East Delhi and she is pretty strict (no offense to her). I mean she is very senior and everyone is scared of her. So I had no choice but to abide by her instructions.
This day again had a huge impact on my parents as I had spilled this news to my Mom on this day!

After our visit to the hospital, we decided that we needed a small celebration. Delhi is not my favourite city without substantial reasons. In fact its a fantastico place to stay and of course to explore. This city has something new to offer, everyday. We both being history lovers, decided to visit a heritage site. As we were planning to dine in Central Delhi, Safdurjung tomb was a convenient option. I had seen some fantastico pictures of this monument and I needed mine too. Its my dream to have pictures of every monument of this city.

Safdurjung tomb had been built in the 18th century at around 1754.  Its a sandstone and marble tomb.Its the mausoleum of Safdur Jung, the viceroy of Awadh under the Mughal Emperor, Md. Shah. Apart from the main tomb complex, it has several other pavilions. They are Jangli mahal (palace in the woods), Moti mahal ( Pearl Palace) and Badshah Pasand ( emperor's favourite). There is also a madarsa in the complex. The archeological survey of India maintains a library at the entrance.

History lover or not, you simply cannot ignore the beautiful Mughal architecture of this place. The well manicured lawns are a respite from the mundane city life. It was almost dusk when we reached there so we got to bask in the orange hues of the setting sun.

The fantastico mausoleum..

The last monumental tomb garden of Mughals..

doors have always been my favourite prop!

sandstone arches...

Fantastico architecture!

The tomb at dusk...

The fantastico reflection of the tomb...

The main entrance to the tomb...the sun had already set...
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Earrings: Claire's

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