Jagdish Temple

by - 1/24/2016

Right after we landed in Udaipur, we set off on our first excursion. Since we were on a short trip, we decided to make out the maximum of our vacation. After dumping our luggage in our hotel room, we went to see the nearest yet a major tourist attraction of Udaipur...the Jagdish Temple. This temple was a stone's throw away from our hotel Udaigarh and we hopped and skipped and reached!
P.s When I said a stone's throw away, hubs remarked that the arms have to be really strong in order to throw a stone this far!! :D As soon as we reached the foot of the Jagadish Temple, we realised that its a fantastico architectectural wonder!

The area was known as Jagadish Chowk (of course named after the temple; no points for guessing that!) and was bustling with crowd. It was just eight on a cold winter morning yet everyone was already in their business. There were lots of flower shops (as any temple area would have), souvenir shops and of course the quintessential Rajasthani clothes and trinket shops. In short the ambiance was fantastico! After throwing a quick glance at all these things, we made our way inside the temple. We looked forward to climbing a long flight of stairs. I don't shy away from climbing stairs but that time I felt a bit lazy. It was supposed to be a vacation and not an excercise break , remember?

This temple was built in 1651 in Indo Aryan style of architecture. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, its the largest temple complex in Udaipur.

The fantastico architectural wonder...

This three storied temple is a fantastico monument that comprises of beautifully carved pillars, painted ceilings, decorated walls and lush halls. Built by Maharana Jagat Singh, it has a pyramidal spire, prayer hall and a porch. The main idol of Lord Vishnu is carved out from a single piece of black stone. Like in every temple, photography inside the main shrine is always prohibited.

I had expected Udaipur to be hot and had packed accordingly. Last time I had visited Rajasthan with my parents during Christmas and it was terribly hot. But surprisingly the climate was very weird this time. During the early hours it was as chilly as Delhi. As the day broadened, temperatures rose to an uncomfortable extent only to dip during the night. Thankfully I had this leather jacket of mine with me at all times; it protected me so much! This jacket would probably making an appearance in most of the pictures of this trip!!

The marble floors of the temple complex was unsparingly cold in the  morning ( when we visited). It was indeed an adventure to romp around barefoot. The ultimate challenge was to pose for pictures with a smile on our face while the cold was burning our feet!!

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