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by - 1/23/2016

Being a medico means weighing everything logically and scientifically. This applies for investments too...superstitions don't have any role. Invest smart, Save smart! 

 Did you watch the video? I mean that guy (Biswa) is such a fool! He believes that by forwarding messages and emails one can multiply money. I wish life could be that simple. I get tonnes of these kind of whatsapp messages and emails on a daily basis and if they would have been true, I would have been a billionaire by now and that too without any efforts!

I once read in a very famous article that the first step to becoming rich is to SAVE. And the second step is to find out new methods to earn money!

When was the first time that you did your first savings? I remember I was very small when my mom handed me my first pocket money. I was elated. And I decided that I would not spend it. I mean since I was really small, everything was given to me by my parents. But it felt nice to have money in my own pocket during lunch time. Many of my friends would buy a packet of chips from the canteen and having money meant I could buy too! It was from that very moment that I decided that I need to earn lots and lots when I grow up!

I have been a big spender right from the beginning. The first watch that I uttered was 'Titan' as my mom says (when I was three) ; I mean Titan was The Watch of that time...there were no Michael Kors or Omega. But it was not like that I used to spend only on myself. I loved buying gifts (I do now too) and used to save my meager pocket money for getting gifts for my loved ones. Whatever money my relatives used to give me or the regular allowance from my parents; a part of it went to satisfying my chocolate or hair band cravings and the rest for buying gifts. I understood the importance of money pretty soon in my life.

Slowly as I started growing up, I learnt the importance of saving. As I have said above, the first step to becoming rich is to save. And adding a modern corollary, SAVE SMART! Now how can you save smart? Of Course by INVESTING smart!

Money doesn't grow on trees and neither do they multiply by forwarding. However if you invest your savings smartly, you can get a really big chunk of moolah at the end! Want to know how much your money is capable of multiplying into?
Log onto Jano Toh Mano.com. You can enter the amount of money you want to invest and you can very well see how much amount it turns into at the end of tenure! It is a very comprehensive guide to Mutual Fund Investments. There are no no rituals or superstitions when it comes to smart investments...only sound thinking. Look out for it yourself...#JanoTohMano

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  1. Great information is good to save smart and be smart with your money. Never look for easy way out.

  2. The video is just hilarious. I just cannot believe someone can be so dumb. I just can't stop laughing. Very well written post, enjoyed reading it.

  3. Good information. I'm suspicious of all mutual funds, having had my fingers burned by 'advisors' who had only their own interests at heart.