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by - 1/24/2016

Now that I even wrote an 'ode' to summers, that means I am missing it already!! Right now the weather is bitter cold, so it really does not mean its appropriate to remain in the pools. So here I am reminiscing the warm golden days!! It was one of the most fantastico birthdays I ever had since I was born!

The fantastico Fort Palace...everything is blue and pink!! 

It was my first birthday since I became a mom and we went to Alwar. I desparately needed a break after all those days of house arrest. The fantastico fort palace had everything to offer that is required on a summer day to feel chilled out. And above everything, the palace made us feel absolutely royal!!

We were there for two days. The following pictures have been taken on the next morning.

After an adventurous road trip, eventful late evening, we dragged ourselves early in the morning to explore the place. It was very hot ( Rajasthan obviously) so the only way to romp around was to bask in the early morning sun.

We woke up at at around five but our sleepy eyes opened wide on seeing the beauty everywhere. The perfect combination of heritage and greenery.

As expected, the pools were being cleaned and hence not open to the guests. Who other than crazy us could think of swimming in the wee morning hours? Anyways, that did not stop us. The whole fort palace was hanging on a hill. Therefore any amount of displacement required climbing up endless flight of stairs.

In the lust of reaching the top, we kept on ascending. We wanted to catch a bird's eye view of the city. Sunrise would have been a bonus. Finally a point came when my knees gave up. We stopped to catch our breath and our eyes fell on the surroundings. Whoa!! In the madness to conquer the steps, we had been ignoring the beauty all around. I took a firm stand and declared that instead of wasting time and energy on ascending further, we should stop right there and enjoy. Sometimes husband gets annoyed with my lack of 'over enthusiasm'...he he:D I believe that I have the right amount of enthusiasm..neither too much ( like him ) nor too less ( I would not like to mention who I am referring too ) ;)

Basking in the morning sun..

I love the early morning sun..is that possible in winters?

fooling around on the way to breakfast...

who knew that even stairways could look so grand!!

early morning yoga...

A fantastico breakfast spread..my favourite meal of the day!!

All the fruits and vegetables served here are supposedly organic. There was a huge array of jams which were made of fruits grown in the hotel premises...Isn't that great!! 

In short, everything about this place and birthday was fantastico!
Dress :Globus
Hat : Accessorize
Sunnies : Aldo

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  1. You look anazing in that chic dress this place is outstanding.