Casa De Roma

by - 9/22/2015

Well for us Indians, the name sounds fancy. In reality too, Casa De Roma was one of the prominent resorts in Paros Island. Ironically we avoided booking it to save money. We were in Paros for a single night and I thought why to spend so much for just a few hours? We would be be roaming around anyways. But fate had something else planned.

THis was the first trip in our lives where we booked an apartment. WE though of staying the Greek style. As you all have known by now, I need a swimming pool wherever I stay. WE found a reasonably priced place with apool and we had booked it without batting an eyelid. The problem arose when we landed in Paros.

The location of the apartment was not very clear on the map. The only thing we knew was that it was very close to Casa De Roma. So we headed there straightaway and started asking. Shockingly no one knew where Spiros Apartment was. And when we said that it had a swimming pool, people were dead sure that it was not there. Casa de Roma was the only place which had a pool in that entire locality. Crestfallen and anxious, I dropped to the ground. Hubs decided to go to Casa De Roma itself to inquire.

He came back after a while. The receptionist at the Casa was so sweet that she called up Spiros apartments to take us. After some time an old lady arrived. She did not even know a single English word.

I was highly disappointed at the apartment. It was just a building. Where is the pool dammit? Ironically I could not even ask that lady. She was absolutely blank at any English hurled at her. After sometime her husband Spiros called. He was anxious whether we would pay the rent to his wife. He had already sensed the gap of communication. After assuring him that we had payed, I asked him about the pool. The booking site had a beautiful picture of a pool...where was it? To my surprise, he said that we were supposed to use the one at Casa de Roma! Whoa! Really? That beautiful resort! But one thing was doubtful. What if they did not allow us? I did not want to face the language barrier again.

Immediately after dumping our luggage, I ran there. Surprisingly the hostess Katerina was not only sweet but she knew excellent English. And thankfully she nonchalantly said that we can use the resort services whenever we want! THose were the best 30 Euros we had spent!

green mania....

Such a cute place to have meals

Old school well and pulley....

Having the time of my life...

Entry to Casa de Roma

Our cute little Greek room...

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  1. Amazing place it looks so relaxing you know how to travel doll.

  2. What a sweet place :)

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  3. Looks amazing!

  4. Omg at least you could go to Casa de Roma! That place looks really heavenly. It's so bad when the people don't speak a single word english. Amazing photos Mandira. Esp. love your cute floral dress.

    xx /

  5. i enjoyed reading this post so much! lovely photos :-)

  6. Lovely post, the photos are amazing. Hope you have a wonderful day. xo, Teng

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