Laughter is the best medicine

by - 9/18/2015

In the end, you want to spend your life with the one who makes you laugh. Well this is the truth of life. Good looks, money, reputation are all temporary. But wit and humour are everlasting. No matter however charming a person may be externally, if he/she does not know how to make you laugh, life is futile. Laughter is the best medicine.

It has been proven medically that 10 minutes of laughter everyday keeps the doctor away. Laughter causes a surge in the blood supply to the heart and hence keeps heart healthy. It releases the happy hormones endorphins which infuses bliss in us!

So what are the sources of laughter? Comedy shows, jokes books etc. But I love live comedy hence stand-up comedy is my favourite. Earlier I used to google the places or restaurants where stand up comedians perform whenever I needed a dose of laughter. Thankfully now websites like live in provides every bit of information related to this genre!

There are millions of websites dedicated to parties and events going on around the city. The city's nightlife guide is buzzing with events. Whether you want a Sufi night or an Arabian one, you get all the information. But when it comes to stand up comedy, the case is different. Liveinstyle is one of the very first websites that has an entire section dedicated to stand up comedy.

How did stand up comedy evolve in India? Who are the best comedians in India? Or wider, the best best stand up comedians of all times? You can find all these answers on Liveinstyle .com.
Moreover this site has stand up comedy videos which would leave you in splits. Also sections like 'Things that stand up comedians are asked everyday' or '8 things that you did not know about Stand Up Comedy' will leave you surprised.

My favourite section of this website's feature? The featured places where the stand up comedians perform like Blue Frog,et al. I can have my share of laughter whenever I want and even enjoy a quiet yet funny evening with myself. Loud music and dance are passe, stand up comedy is The way to spend the evening in style. Believe me take out your girl for dinner to a place where the stand up comedy is being performed. She would come out very happy and relaxed and you won't even have to try to make her laugh! So its a win win situation! When are you planning your date with laughter?

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  1. Beautiful! Laughter truly is the best medicine :)

  2. We can't live without laughter...nicely penned, :-)

  3. hai ragione, ridere fasa bene:) alla salute, alla mente ed anche al fisico ( si utilizzano gli addominali)

    Buon lunedi
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  4. Beautiful blog!!! :o)

    Christine |

  5. Great pictures, they really made me laugh!