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by - 11/03/2015

I have just two important men in my life. I mean just my father (the first complete man in my life) and no points for guessing my husband. Being the quintessential girl, gifting comes naturally to me.I am the personal gift shopper for my mom and my friends. But when it comes to buying gifts for men, I am left a bit dazzled.
Its so easy buying gifts for girls. I mean they love everything and there are so many to choose from. There are at least a thousand options in dresses and accessories, hundreds of cosmetics and lets not forget myriads of useless gifts (show piece, soft toys, trinkets, etc) But the situation is very different when it comes to men.
Men are practical right form the beginning. they don't want any non sense. Either you gift them something useful or better not mess with their emotions! Its so difficult buying gifts for him!

 After a lot of mind boggling, I have come up with ten awesomely useful gifts for men. For suave gifting ideas for him, check out here
1. Of course a shirt...I mean who does not like clothes? A man who loves clothes, has to love shoes too!
3.gadgets : I have not met a single man in my life who does not love gadgets. From smartphones to earphones to complicated to gadgtes, all men are gizmo freaks.
10. Lastly, scotch as a gift : So every one has either clothes, accessories, gadgets etc. But a bottle of scotch is something that a man cherishes. A bottle of scotch for men is just like a big box of beautiful chocolates. Even though we indulge in it on and off, we always want more! Similarly men never get tired of scotch. They can share it with friends, it is timeless, everyone should own a decent bottle, they can keep it for years to come, it ages nicely, its perfectly sized and everyone loves the old tipple! Be it any occasion, for them celebration is a bottle of  scotch. So why not gift him something which truly makes him happy?

Party responsibly.

 Disclaimer: This post is meant for above 25 years of age.

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  1. It's True is very difficult to Bay a gift for men!

  2. Great choices! I know my boyfriend would absolutely love those slippers!