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What does come to your mind when you hear backwaters? For me its Kerala, HOUSEBOATS and mangroves (from a botanical point of view) :p I am sooo fascinated with houseboats! Houseboats in the Dal Lake of Kashmir give a completely different experience while the ones in Kerala a greener ambiance! Since green is my favourite colour and plants my second best friends; I love houseboats in backwaters!

What are backwaters exactly? I tend to get confused between estuaries, delta, backwater and lagoon! Don't they seem familiar? But they all are different! Backwater is a part of a river which has no current. The water from the main river have been pushed back forming a smaller branch called backwater. While estuary is backwater which has direct connection with the sea. Enough geography for the day, let's come back to our experience!!

The fourth stop of our third day were the serene backwaters of Chapora river. Earlier I did not have any idea that Goa has houseboats too. A night at the houseboat costs you around 12000 INR ( starting) and lasts for about 20 hours in the river. As we had booked our hotels already and it was non refundable; we could not stay at the houseboat. However watching them float on the river with greenery all around made my day!

The typical flora of such marshy areas is mangroves; which can survive in surplus water (saline water too). They usually remain dipped in the water and their roots become exposed when the water recedes. It was very swampy and marshy and my wedges got inside everytime I took a step! I am a finicky kind of girl when it comes to dirt and stuff but I was so excited that I did not care the mud and slime!!

beautiful houseboat on the Chapora river...

white lady with a white speedboat....

I am very much attracted to wrecked ships!!

the beautiful mangroves..can you see their exposed roots?

cute little huts...

the beautiful Chapora river...

It was tough taking two houseboats in the same frame!!

Dress:Old Navy
Bangles: Globus
Bag, Belt : Globus
Sunnies: Aldo

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  1. Great place and you look stunning and your hubby as well.

  2. You look marvelous Mandira. Love your beautiful little white dress. The speedboat is my favorite. Haha I had a friend once that wanted to live on a boat too :) or at least own a boat. Not sure if he has one now. Wish you a happy Friday :)

  3. Grea Houseboat! I would like to visit this place, Beutiful pictures! I love your white dress!

  4. You look gorgeous! and you just made that wrecked ship in the background look good as well :)

  5. Nice pics. Didn't know Goa too had a houseboat option! Most of us only know about Kerela.

  6. Very cute outfit Mandira, the captures are stunning!