The power of freedom

by - 11/04/2015

Have you ever thought what life would have been without any pretense? What would have been the situation in the Stone Age? No manners, no dressing rules no fuss! As much as I love sophistication and vouch for good manners and refinement, I am not that much into pretense. The only period when we can be our 'real selves' is childhood. I think everyone of us misses being a child at one time or other!

Everyone wants to be a baby at some point or other....

The birthday suit is the best thing given by God :D We are born without clothes and leave the world too in that manner! I am talking about the Hindu ritual of cremation particularly. As much as freedom is appreciated, one should not forget the norms of a civil society.

WE should give our babies that freedom. I mean childhood is for being free, away from any rules or rituals. But we parents of the modern society have sort of taken away this privilege from our babies. WE keep them in diapers. No baby ever wants to wear diapers. They are restrictive and babies feel bound . I once had to let my baby free after much resistance from her and it was one memorable evening!

My baby is nineteen months old. Like every parent of the modern society, I have been using diaper pants for her since her birth. This incident occurred when she was around 14 months old. Usually I let her free at home during daytime. If we have to go out, I put her in diapers. That day we were going to a relative's house (cousin sister in law) to be precise. I tried the usual rituals of making her wear the diaper pant but that day she was utmost resistant. After one hour of struggling I decided to give up as we were already late. So she was let free.

My cousin sister in law has a daughter who is three years old. That means she is old enough to speak out when she needs to go to the bathroom! When these two baby sisters meet, fireworks occur. My daughter is a very social person and she loves being with others especially her own age. They started playing like anything and ran all over the house. As she was not wearing any diapers, she wet the sofa, the bed and the cushions. I was so embarrassed. I mean my SIL understood as she was a mother herself but for me it was something not very civic. However it was not totally my fault. A baby deserves to get her freedom and have fun once in a while. I offered to wash all the wet linen but she was very sweet to have handled it gracefully.

My baby in Pampers Premiun pants...

After I came back I decided not to succumb to my baby's resistance. Or I should never go out without any diaper. Then I discovered the softest baby pants from Pampers. They are so soft that your baby won't notice them! I swear by them now!

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