When Mandy met Mandy

by - 9/28/2015

I have been a fan of Mandira Bedi since I can remember. I mean I was just 6 or 7 when she used to star in Shanti. There were obvious reasons..we both shared the same name and a head full of curly tresses! Over the years she not only became a seasoned actor (changed genres too...from a TV star to a cricket anchor and a movie star) but she got rid of her curls too. She became all the more fabulous with her boycut hair and an impeccable collection of sarees! Twenty years later when I got the opportunity to meet her, I could not say no!

I had been on leave from my clinic since a week. Read viral fever gone worse ( with excruciating pharyngitis and gastritis)! So when I received the invitation mail about the launch of Premium Pamper pants, I was not sure whether I could make it or not. But two names in the mail Mandira Bedi and Tara Sharma forced me to get well enough to meet them! Moreover it was a baby event... I wanted those premium diapers for my baby!

The launch of the Pampers Premium Care Pants was organised at Vivanta by Taj Ambassador. Apart from super moms Mandira and Tara Sharma, joining the panel were baby sleep expert Ajita and Procter and gamble Pampers research person Dr WeiSing Long. I knew that I would gain many things for my baby.

To start with Pampers launched the softest and the most comfortable diaper till date: Pampers premium care pants. Special features of it:

Special absorbent gel
Upto 12 hours of absorption
Wetness indicator (there is a yellow line that would turn blue)
Lotion that would prevent diaper rash
Easy to dispose
Last but not the least..the softest, smoothest surface a diaper can offer!

Then we had a Question and Answer round where we all parents solved our queries. From trying to solve baby's lack of sleep to baby's hygiene, they answered all!

Then we had a fun photo op session. We held cute placards and cut outs of babies. After that we had light snacks.

We were given an awesome goody bag to go home with. Apart from the Pampers Premium Care Pants, we were given a box of P and G products. I was particularly happy with the super soft diapers! ( Every mom would agree with me)!!

Pampers Premium Care Pants officially gets launched in India on the 1st of October! 

On the stage speaking on what all I learnt from the event...
The experts: from left: Mandira Bedi, Ajita, Tara Sharma and Dr WeiSing Long

The R and D expert showing incredible properties of the Pampers Premium Pants

With the lovely Tara Sharma

Consulting Sleep expert Ajita on our naughty baby's sleep patterns!

“This blogpost is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda”

Blazer: ELLE
Dress: Globus
Watch: Casio G Shock
Purse: By Ritu Kumar

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  1. Looks like a wonderful event! Thanks for sharing!


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  3. What an awesome event you look great.

  4. Very nice event :)

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  5. Cool event!

  6. Wowww so beautiful event babe.
    Wonderful pics and you look beautiful
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  7. m sure u had a grt time.
    MAndira is is such good shape..m amazed o see her every single time.