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After Kolimbithres, our next stop was Naoussa, the capital of Paros Island. Actually according to our itinerary, we were supposed to cover Santa Maria beach first. But we were running quite late ( Courtsey all the drama with bike and wallet). Hence we were really hungry and needed to refuel ourselves. Therefore we sped towards Naoussa before hitting the beach.

Beautiful Naoussa....
Naoussa is the quintessential Greek town. Whitewashed houses with blue doors and super sweet people. We rode towards the port where all the restaurants were lined up. On the way we stopped at various locations for pictures. One thing I found incredibly common in these islands were grapevines. I got very excited every time I saw grapes. Little I knew that we would be surrounded by grapes in Santorini!

Each time I spotted grapes, I got super excited! Its not a regular sight for me!

We frolicked around the port and then went to the restaurant area. On the way we spotted a beautiful stone bridge and immediately clicked pictures on it standing. Later on when at home we were watching the movie 'Wanted' we got pretty excited. We knew beforehand that the song was shot in Santorini. But suddenly we spotted the stone bridge of Naoussa! This was the very place where the Song from the movie Wanted was shot!

The very bridge where the song 'Dil Leke' from 'Wanted' was shot..

Playing with anchors at the port...
beautiful sea shell shop...
One of the first restaurants at the port...

Our stomachs were grumbling and we entered the very first restaurant. The very moment I set foot on Greece, I longed to eat moussaka and today was the day. The only Greek food which I knew from childhood was it. So I ordered chicken souvlaki and moussaka.

So we decided to have lunch in the "Kous Kous" restaurant
 In India we get veg moussaka as well as its chicken version. So when the ordered arrived, I asked out of curiosity what it had. I was praying it to be veg so that hubs could share. The girl politely replied that it did not contain pork. I got alarmed. So what did it have? BEEF!! Oh no! I could never eat that knowingly...that was against Hinduism! I had tasted beef unknowingly here. But I had immediately returned it after I came to know. This time I had just dug my fork into it. Now what? It costed 20 euro which is quite a sum in Indian currency. The owner girl was so sweet that she immediately sensed my dilemma. She quickly offered to change it without any extra charge. I was so relieved. I again took a risk and ordered grilled octopus. I had squid in Philippines so I needed to taste octopus this time.

Moussaka and chicken souvlaki. Little I knew that I have to return the Moussaka!!
Grilled octopus came with just a wedge of lemon. I asked for extra onions. Gathering up my courage, I took the first bite. It tasted just like prawn. I just had to erase the thought of octopus from my mind. Otherwise I could not have finished it! I kept the chicken souvlaki for the last as it was 'chicken' :D 
I was quite happy with my meal. Hubs had nibbled on the Greek salad and fries. Charged up, we left for Santa Maria.

Grilled octopus

Bidding goodbye to Naoussa....

Dress: Globus
Bag: Shopper's Stop

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  1. You look amazing in all the picture is so bright and sunny I know you had fun great post.

  2. Such an exotic place and you are looking beautiful...:-)

  3. Mandira that dress looks marvelous on you. Haha when you said Wanted I thought about the movie with Angelina Jolie :) I'm glad she got you the chicken version without extra charge. There's a lot of beef in almost every food in Europe. Naossa looks very lovely. Happy Saturday!

    xx /

    1. P.s.: I have a comment box on miasmode now :)

  4. Such cute photos! Love your sunnies!

  5. Lovely pics, wonderful place and I love your colorful dress =)

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion and beauty blog

  6. amazing place, and very well written...would love to visit sometime...

    Rajni Rathore,

  7. Such a gorgeous place. i love squid, but dont think i can ever try octopus. i love the way u pose.