PIREAUS PORT, Athens, Greece

by - 1/02/2017

Oh I just love the endless sails! The town of Pireaus in the backdrop
Today is the last day of 2016! I really can't believe that 2016 is over! On the last day, I narrate to you the last adventure of our Greek Odyssey. Yes, all our Greek stories are finally over. With the new year, I start a new series of travelogues...our Italian sojourn. A very Happy New Year loves!

I must have expressed a hundreds times now that we always prefer to stay in the city centre no matter what. However we did an exception in Athens due to obvious reasons. In Athens we booked a place which was far away from the centre. We chose to stay in Pireaus, the port of Athens. Our hotel  was just by the Aegean Sea. The reason? We had an early morning ferry to catch the next day for Paros Island. Since we have a history of getting late, it was the safest bet. Our ferry tickets clearly said that no refund would be made if the ferry is missed. 😁

Finally could see our hotel..
It was along bus ride from the airport. I was overwhelmed in seeing the beauty all around. The Aegean Sea was there with us for a substantial part of our journey. The bus sped fast and I was trying to maintain my balance while standing. Since it was an Airport Express bus, there was a lot of luggage all around. then I started getting cultural shocks. The people on the roads seemed very strange to me. I mean I had never seen such road behaviour anywhere. Maximum people were driving convertibles. Most of the drivers and passengers (males) were bare chest. I mean WHAT? Why were not they wearing shirts in that scorching sun? Then there was this shirtless guy who had a dog in his lap and was driving. I had never seen such behaviour anywhere.

After an hour of swaying in the bus (we did not get to sit) we made it to our stop. We quickly freshened up and felt like lying down as we were severely jet lagged. But we had just that evening to explore the port. So we gathered our energy and left. Our hotel was surrounded by cute cafes and I felt I was holidaying right from the start.

We felt reenergised as soon as we started walking. I mean beautifully decorated restaurants and buildings along the Aegean Sea. How much prettier can this get? Every place was decorated differently and I felt like never leaving the place at all. Hubs asked me to zero down one cute place to have dinner afterwards. We kept on walking to wards the port.

The first view of the Aegean Sea left us in awe. Our last sea vacation was a few months back in Goa. But there was no comparison between the Aegean Sea and the Arabian Sea.
I could stare at the sails and the sea forever..
The port was studded with Yachts, boats and large vessels. After frolicking there for an hour, we made our way towards the Votsalaki Beach. We made our way through more cute cafes and finally chose one to have dinner in!

how cute is this restaurant?

I dream of getting Adirondack chairs for our patio! 

A cute restaurant overlooking the Aegean Sea

Yamaha seems to make boats everywhere!

Dress : Globus
Purse: Furla Candy
Sandals: from Philippines

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