Lake Pichola Udaipur

by - 5/14/2016

As our annual ritual, we opted for Udaipur for our Anniversary celebration. Udaipur is the land of grandeur, luxury and beauty and architecture. After all its the Venice of the East! Its the city of lakes too...(what do you expect from the term Venice?) I had been to Udaipur in my childhood with my parents. I faintly remembered the beautiful city. However when the hubs suggested this place for our anniversary celebration, I was overjoyed. I wanted to revise the beauty of this city with my partner in crime. Trips with my parents are laid back, more relaxing. While with the hubs its more of an adventurous backpacking type.

Hubs booked a flight from Delhi. Domestic Airlines are more convenient than trains. It takes far less time to travel and hence the extra price compensates for the extra leaves taken for travelling and precious travel time too. The Flight Schedule was very convenient too, it was an early morning flight. From Indira Gandhi International Airport to Maharana Pratap Airport, it took just one hour and a quarter to reach there. As soon as we landed, I could feel the touristy smell.

Udaipur is the city of lakes with two really large man made lakes ..The lake Pichola and the Fateh Sagar Lake and a few small ones. Lake Pichola is the largest and houses the most luxurious hotels in the world. Since we were incapable of staying in those extravagant palaces, we booked a hotel that overlooked the lake and was pretty in itself.
The next morning we decided to take a walk around the Lake Pichola. We started from the Gangaur Ghat, crossed the lake and reached the other side. This was the side which had palatial mansions and the Udaivillas. I was mesmerised at the extravagance.

The two sides of the lake are completely anti to each other..both in terms of architecture and residents. The bank on which we were staying were home to the locals and tourists of backpacker type. While the opposite bank had very few locals. The tourists were less in number but were of the affluent type. There were no budget hotels; only palaces and five stars and that explained the wealthy standard of tourists there.

Since we could not spend a fortune in the Udaivillas, but wanted a lavish experience, we decided to have breakfast in a fancy hotel called 'Ambrai' It was a lovely place. It was actually a small palace that was converted into a hotel. The rooms still had that royal feeling and there was a tiny lake inside the premises. The restaurant was on the bank of the Lake Pichola. So we had breakfast with the cool breeze in our hair overlooking the lake. Food was expensive as we had expected. A plate of bread and butter was 200 INR! Don't judge me as a miser but 200 is ridiculous as per Indian standards! Anyways we ended up having a mezze platter for breakfast. It was amazing. That hike around the lake was one of the best highlights of our trip. I felt rich without actually having to spend 50 k INR for a night!!
Breakfast by the Lake Pichola

Relaxing on the 'lakeside loungers'

The place was nothing short of a Royal palace

Lake Pichola with the magnificent Udaivillas in the background

The vast Lake Pichola

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  2. You look so beautiful in red sweety :)

  3. Udaipur is beautiful and so are you in that red dress!

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  4. Lovely photos, you looked beautiful :) xx

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