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After paying a visit to the mesmerising Blue Mosque, we proceeded towards the Hagia Sophia. The structure was too huge to be captured in one shot. I mean the pictures which I am used to seeing of this magnificent monument are aerial shots. It was impossible to capture such shots from the ground level. I was crestfallen. Hubs asked me to wait for a while. Then he came back after five minutes and led me away from the Hagia Sophia. I was puzzled.

He comforted me by saying that he had found the perfect place from where we can enjoy both the monuments. We reached the foot of the 'Seven Hills' hotel. It was a boutique hotel...wooden building with flowers hanging from every floor. We climbed to the top to enter a fancy rooftop restaurant.

The view from above was absolutely astounding. There was the Hagia Sophia Mosque on one side, the Blue Mosque on the other, the Marmara Sea on the third side and rest of the city on the fourth side. The ambiance was very peaceful. The tourists there were very well dressed. We were not too bad either :D Only very tanned...looking like roasted pigs :D. The noise which could be heard was just the clinking of wine glasses and spoons against bone china. We decided to order first and then indulge in photography.

Enjoying Baba ganoush with The Hagia Sofia in the background...
The menu hardly had any vegetarian dishes. The food was expensive nonetheless.We ordered something that was like Baba Ganoush. I like baba ganoush but my husband finds it like 'Baigan Ka Bharta ' :D  They served it with Turkish Bread and we could have as much bread as we wanted. The waiter was shocked that we did not order wine :D

What our eyes saw is beyond description. The Hagia Sophia looked exactly like the postcards which I am used to seeing. In fact the entire view was like a postcard. The Marmara Sea was absolutely blue. The yellow buildings resembled the ones which is in the video of Hrithik Roshan Sonam Kapoor starrer 'Dheere Dheere' music video. The Blue Mosque looked majestic as it already is. There is something about aerial views that leave me speechless. I was very thankful to my partner in crime for discovering that rooftop restaurant.

The song Dheere Dheere has glimpses of this view...

The magnificent view of the Blue Mosque from the Seven Hills Hotel

The rooftop restaurant was overflowing with beauty ...both natural (flowers) and man made (the mosques)

I could stare ate this view forever!

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  1. You always make the most amazing travels :)

  2. WOW..such amazing clicks..i love ur dress.
    N in answer to ur comment, thrs no news yet. So u r smelling the wrong thing.
    Will let u know, once thrs something.


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  4. I love Istanbul! Beautiful pictures

  5. Beautiful capture and love your shades ...

    Turkey has been high on our list :)

  6. What a beautiful spot in a beautiful country! Love these photos.

  7. Beautiful write-up, informative.... and the pictures have added the glam quotient... :-)