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by - 5/22/2016

Have you ever heard the term lost growth? Well I have and I have been a victim too. My mom (till date keeps on cribbing that I could not achieve the height I could have because of faulty nutrition. Its really sad that nutrition does not depend on economic strata only, it depends on so many other factors. The ability of the child to accept nutritious food, knowledge about nutrition and availability of the right supplement at the right time are so many other factors.

Being a mom myself now, I can understand my mother’s grudges. My daughter was born underweight and she is now too. I am scared whether she would be able to catch up on her growth. She is already lying behind her peers.

This Sunday was the much awaited Indiblogger Meet. We had our last meet in August, The Fitbit Meet. It was really a long dry spell and we all had been waiting for a reunion. The venue was The Lalit and it was the product launch of Horlicks Growth Plus …which claimed to let the kids #CatchUpOnGrowth.
The eminent panelists: from left: Moderator Natasha Badhwar, dietician Dr Jyoti Batra, Paeditrician Dr Rajiv Chhabra and psychologist Ms Satinder Kaur Walia.

The event started was a fabulous lunch. Somehow we all were less interested in food and more interested in meeting each other. The introduction with Anoop began and we all were so happy to be there! After few fun Qs and As, it was time for the product launch. The team of eminent panelists consisted of Natasha Badhwar, who was the moderator; a mother, entrepreneur and blogger, then there was a senior pediatrician from Artemis Hospital Dr. Rajeev Chhabra,senior child psychologist Ms Satinder Kaur Walia and senior nutritionist Dr Jyoti Batra.

We learnt a lot about children nutrition. Somehow their take on milk was accepted by my orthopedician husband and as well as me. If my child refuses to put anything into her mouth except for milk then should I deprive her from that? I don't think so! For her Iron deficiency I would give her supplements but I can't let her not drink milk. Anyways lets not go into controversies.The best thing that I learnt from the session was child psychologist Ms Walia's take on dealing with kids. We always learn that parents should be a kid's friend. She said no. A friend does not tell you what's right or wrong for you. Its a parents' job. So in order to understand your child you should be 'friendly' with him but not 'friends'! Okay Ms Walia, point noted!

The stage taken over By Dr Aditya Kaushik..
The stage was then taken over by the product experts,Mr Amaan Khan, the marketing head of GSK Consumer Healthcare and Dr Aditya Kaushik, the head of medical affairs for GSK. We were shown a short video where mothers were remorsing about how their kids are not upto their normal height and weight. Its a big blow to the child's confidence. They felt that what is lost is lost. Just because their kids were fussy eaters, they could not achieve normal growth. I could relate to their grievance because I am scared for my daughter too.

And the product arrives!!

 Then the product was launched with a bang..the Horlicks Growth PlusThis supplement is for age group 3 to 9 years of age. It is fortified with important nutrients and has been formulated after 5 years of research. It promises to enable the children catch up on lost weight and height after 6 months of regular intake. It promises visible results! Well I plan to feed my daughter this! It comes in two flavours: Vanilla and Chocolate. The 400 gm pack is priced at 585 INR while there is a smaller pack which is cheaper.

We were then given Horlicks Growth Plus to taste. I a chocolate person chose Vanilla for a change and it was heavenly! So I expect it to go really well with the kids!
We all tasting Horlicks...for a change we tried Vanilla flavour instead of Chocolate and it was yummilicious!!

The people shuffling begins....

After that the real fun began. We were shuffled into teams of ten to make a 30 second video on Horlicks Growth+. There was a lot of hulabaloo! We chose Simardeep as our leader and he got a basket of fruits, a measuring tape and a mug as props. Zeroing down to the topic was really tough. After all too many cooks spoil the broth! The first video we made had all the team members participating. But it got long (around 2 minutes) So we decided to focus on a mother son relationship and of course Horlicks Growth Plus. I was the mother, Simardeep my son and the hubs the videographer with JinJin's phone. You can catch our  awesome video here. It was the most hilarious experience of the day! 

Hubs caught on camera while being in the charge of camera!

Our rocking Team 7 after making the video

So after 4 hours of pure fun. We headed back home with a jar of Horlicks Growth Plus. I am really looking forward to the effects it is going to have on my daughter. It was really an experience to remember!

Fun with fellow blogger friends..Dipali and Ruby

The iconic Hud Hud during group Photo Session. Who can recognise me?

Along with Horlicks Growth+, we also got a Mommy's scrapbook where I can jot down the little growth details of my little one!
Dress: Mango 
Earrings: H n M
Necklace, Bracelets: Forever 21
Booties: Zara
Purse: Furla Candy 

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  1. GReat event, and beautiful pictures!

  2. What a cool event - so lucky you got to attend!

  3. How cool is this event to attend you guys look great.

  4. You have so many bloggers meetings over there. How cool :)


  5. Great event. Indiblogger events are always so much fun-filled. Moments to remember, truly. :-)
    I love their iconic Hud Hud... :-D

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