Share The Load: Laundry goes Odd Even

by - 5/19/2016

Earlier we used to associate few things with a particular gender. For example going to work, ploughing the fields, fixing electrical appliances used to be a man's job. Whereas cooking, cleaning, child rearing and laundry used to be in the woman's domain. Over the years, the scenario has changed drastically. Now women to go to work in offices and men do not plough (we have tractors to do that). Some women fix things in the house like a pro (electrical appliances and plumbing alike) while some men can be even better cooks than women! All the best chefs are men remember?  Jobs may have switched genders but one thing tends to remain exclusively a woman's job...i e laundry.

I would be taking turns with the hubs in washing clothes with Ariel matic...
As a woman its very sad to see that we women can do everything. We wake up in the morning, cook for everyone, clean the house, wash the clothes, leave for office, come back in the evening from office and then cook, help the kids with their homework and then after arranging the entire house and preparing for the next day, we switch the lights off. If a woman can do everything, why can't our partners share the load a little? I am not asking for too much. Just washing the clothes or keeping things back at their places would suffice. I know its the mindset and upbringing that deters the men in the house to move their bums from the couch after coming back from work. They say they are tired. But are not the women exhausted? They had a similar day in fact a tougher one. Actually they had never seen their dads do so; hence this generation begs to differ. But now since women fly spaceships too, laundry should not be a woman's job only.

The odd days in the calender were marked for me and the even days were for my husband.

When Ariel Matic came up with the Odd Even Activity of sharing the load, I was elated. What we were supposed to do is to divide the chore of washing clothes based on the date is odd and even. My husband as you all know is a lazy bum when it comes to doing household chores. So I marked all the odd days in the month of May and assigned them to myself. On the even days the husband is supposed to do the laundry.

My husband who has not even filled a glass of water in his entire life finally agreed to carry on this task. If the stubborn Delhiites can abide to the Odd Even rule in taking out their cars, then why not him? He would be helping me only of course.

Its the husband's turn to wash clothes..

Ariel Matic makes washing clothes really easy. It gives you squeaky clean clothes in one wash only/ So far it has made laundry task very easy for the husband! Watch the video below. It would really melt your heart as to how the father learns to share the load with the mother. As it is always said...Better late than Never!

I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda.

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  1. Hahaha, to be honest it's always me doing the laundry. Well 90% of the time to be precise.

  2. Such a cute post!

  3. We have that brand here in Portugal too :)


  4. Keep going Dr. Sahab wishing your clothes good luck. #DocDivaTraveler keep checking your clothes after every wash for few days.

  5. Keep going Dr. Sahab wishing your clothes good luck. #DocDivaTraveler keep checking your clothes after every wash for few days.

  6. Grt to knw u finally convinced your hubby to share the load equally
    Nice post