Nine months

by - 5/09/2016

Did the title give you a shock? Well you better calm down! Its nothing like that. I mean there is no good news but the story of my incredible journey which I took 3 years back! With Mother's Day celebration everywhere, I decide to flash my maternal side. Yes, its the story of my pregnancy, those nine months which I believe is the most beautiful period of my life!
The day I found out I was expecting!
I decided to start my family after two and a half years of marriage. I say 'I' as my husband was always ready for kids. He just loves kids. Whereas I was not ready. I was too young and not at all a motherly material. But I needed a baby too eventually. So after I completed my Post graduation in Yoga, I decided to take the plunge.
As soon as I found out that I was expecting, I along with my family was elated. But then I was scared too. It was fear of the unknown. What if I fell sick? I was haunted by bad thoughts. However everything was unexpected.

During my first trimester...I can't believe how slim I was!
My first trimester was really cool. I have seen and heard of morning sickness so much. Fortunately I did not even have nausea; forget throwing up! I ate like crazy...I was so hungry! On the contrary women are unable to put anything in their mouths due to nausea and vomiting! I just felt sleepy the entire time. After I came back from my institute, I used to doze off like crazy! I craved two things throughout...sweets and chicken. My husband made sure that he took me to every single party that served brownies and chicken. I did not gain weight at all!
Lucknow with my unborn child...
I was four months on my husband's birthday!
As soon as my second trimester started, I had to travel to Lucknow. I had my normal waist till my fifth month. After that I started showing. However I continued exploring the city and partying. I had joined a clinic too and no one could make out! Thankfully winters had started and I hid my bump under long coats!

I had gained a lot of weight during my third trimester. For the first time I started having discomfort. My backache had reached an intolerable stage. I could climb stairs at my clinic and was breathless after a heavy meal! However that did not deter me from any of my activities. I cooked, took care of the house, went to work, partied in the late evening and blogged at night! I dressed up and put on heels! That was the most active stage of my life! I ate , ate and ate! I did not have any concern of putting anything in my mouth as I was not afraid of weight gain! (Though I wish I did as I would have been slimmer after 2 years of birth).
My eight month old bump...during our Third Wedding Anniversary..
 I attended blogger events and the last party I attended was 2 days before my daughter was born! I not only partied but had a singing performance too! Everyone was taken aback when I announced that I became a mom! My baby was born 15 days before the expected date and I had opted for a C section.
I believe that those nine months have been the most beautiful and fruitful months of my life! I was not only growing a new life inside me but I was at my most productive and creative self! The best memories I have of my unborn daughter is her forceful kicks. Now I understand how a naughty girl like her could stay inside my womb for so long! That's why she kicked me day and night! I just cherish every moment of motherhood. Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers out there!

My bump one week before birth! Little I knew that she would be out so soon!

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  1. You were such an elegant pregnant lady :)

  2. Aww..such a cute post...n u looked gorgeous at every stage of pregnancy.


  3. I first thought it was a good news :-D

    Looking lovely as always. I lost a lot of weight during my pregnancy and was extremely thin :-( 52 kgs with a height of 5'4'' ...the doctor was really worried. But, however, everything went well.

  4. Aww that's a lovely post Mandira.. going through your pregnancy journey.. and those kicks and movements only we moms can remember and cherish, right..