Day 2

After such a serene evening, we called it a day and went off to sleep; tired but happy. We had lots of plans for the next day so it was imperative to wake up early.

Our eyes opened with the sun's beam embracing us. Our bedroom faced the hills and we could see the sun rising directly from our bed. My oh my ...what a sight!! After indulging in it for a while, we got ready and set off for a hike along the banks of ganga.

sunrise from our room..

We crossed the ganga barrage (where photography is not allowed for security reasons) and started walking towards the other side. Other side meaning : we intended to walk along the natural course of ganga towards Triveni ghat. But me and my over adventurous hubby decided to walk along the canal that was totally opposite the triveni ghat.

saluting the ganga

stones that caught my fancy..

getting vitamin D by soaking in the sun :D

During our walk we saw a long flight of stairs leading uphill and immediately we climbed it to reach the top. Whoa we had reached Rajaji National Park!! Being over inquisitive always has its perks!! We did not spot any animal as we did not wait enough and quickly descended. But the array of sal trees was worth the climb!!

Rajaji national park...

embracing a sal tree...shorea robusta

descending the stairs...

After walking for a while and clicking pictures on the way, we decided it was best to return back to our original path leading to triveni Ghat. So we took a U turn, walked for about a couple of kilometers , crossed the barrage and were back along the bank of ganges.

cute cacti

love the laburnums!!

It was almost half past eight on a monday morning. The fact that we were on a holiday did not mean that other people were idle too!! :D  The path which is usually bustling with families... walking jogging or simply strolling; was absolutely deserted. That was good for us as it was easier to click pictures now!! Sometimes I wonder whether I live my life only for pictures!! :p Just kidding!!

The path was absolutely mesmerising. Cool breeze, flowing ganga backed by the himalayas with the path adorned with sweet smelling frangipanies on both sides!! We enjoyed our walk till 2 hours only to realise that Triveni Ghat was still about an hour walk away!! sigh!! I was tired and sweating. Not ready to accept defeat, we took breaks on the way...we sipped water to recharge ourselves. Did I mention that we did not have breakfast?? Well that was a major reason why we could not walk anymore. But food meant eating at a restaurant at Triveni ghat :(  So with vigour and determination, we walked a total of 10 kilometers devoid of glucose supply !! :D But I would say the feeling of triumph is indeed energising!!

adorned with frangipanies...

leaping in elation...

a cute guesthouse...

narrow winding road...

hotel ganga kinare in the daytime..

the place to rest...

a tiny island in the midst of river...

a tiny island in the midst of river...

Finally we reached Triveni Ghat. The first thing we did was we ordered breakfast. Aaloo k paranthe and lassi. After that I did my favourite thing..trinket shopping. Then we headed to the ice cold waters of ganges to take a dip. Initially the water was a bit intolerable but slowly I got accustomed to it. After all staying (dipping) in water is my passion!! I am a complete water baby :D 

too hungry to wait for d pic!!

ganga maiyya (mother ganges)

partha saarthi

lord shiva and goddess parvati

romping in freezing water...


I can do yoga too!!

trying to meditate...

the alley of shops...

I wished I could play with water longer but it was already past lunchtime. Didi was waiting for us and we had to leave for Delhi in the afternoon. So reluctantly I got up, dried myself as much as I could(I was not carrying any extra clothes :D) and took an auto for our way back to AIIMS. It was indeed a hike to remember.



  1. I always wish that I could enjoy the water a bit longer. You can never get enough of it ;)
    Seems like you enjoyed a lot :)


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